Access 2016 - Users and permissions?

My employer is strictly limited to MS Office products and SharePoint. I am unable to utilize a different database solution.I am trying to implement and share an Access database to allow multiple users to enter and edit data. However, I would (of course) like to limit the ability of users to edit the database itself (tables, forms, etc...), and only able to view and edit specific data via forms.Unfortunately, it appears Microsoft has removed users and security from newer access databases? more

Access Data Project (ADP) - Access 2007 or 2003?

I have been tasked with writing an ADP application using Access. The back-end data will be stored in SQL Server. We have SQL Server 2000, 2005, and 2008 available to us. Requirements dictate that Access must be used but I may have a choice of using Access 2003 or Access 2007. My first thought was to push for Access 2007, because it was newer and we could use SQL Server 2005 or perhaps 2008, however, when searching the web for Access 2007 and ADP I find a lot of posts from people saying the speed is very slow and they are running into lots of pr...Read more

Access 2007 and Terminals

I work for a small company and they asked me to build a simple access database. They only have terminals in the office that I work in (Ottawa) while the server is in Toronto (windows server 2003). When I load Access 2007 the whole program is extremely slow compared to normal speeds of the terminal. Only when I am in any form of Design View does my Terminal speed up. My question is; is there a way to increase the "speed" of Access when I'm trying to build the database and secondly will this effect the end user once the database is built? (everyo...Read more

code to add data from a form to a table in access

CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO convenati(conid, location, surname, firstname, middlename, phone, email, dob, sex, mstatus, status, violated, date)"&_ "VALUES(" & Me.txtid & ", '" & me txtlocation & "','" & Me.txtsurname & "','" & Me.txtmiddlename & "','" & Me.txtfirstname & "','" & Me.txtphone & "','" & Me.txtemail & "','" & Me. txtdate &"','" &_ Me.cbogender &"','" &_ Me.cbomstatus &"','" &_ Me.cboviolated & "','" & Me.txtdate & "')"Please I ...Read more

Output First of Month Following 60 Days From a Stored Date in an Access qry

I have a date field in access where I have to calculate the first of the month following 60 days from that date. For example my date is 12/12/2017. I need to output 3/1/2018, First of the month following 60 days from 12/12/2017. I know how to use the DateAdd function to get my 60 days, but am confused as to how to output the first of the month following those 60 days.Thanks,Mark...Read more

ms access - Cross-Tab Query - Date Column Sort Order

I have an Access Cross Tab Query which uses 2 Tables (1) an Accruals Raw Data table and (2) a linked 'Month Order' table.I am trying to sort the columns in the Cross-Tab query results in date order using the linked 'Month Order' table which links to the Accruals Raw Data table. However, the query is sorting the Date columns alphabetically as follows instead of in date order.The Cross Tab query is designed as follows:Table 1 - Accruals Raw Data Cross TabThe join between the 2 tables is as follows:The static 'Month Order' Table has the following...Read more

access 2003 adp opened & saved in 2007 now behaves odd in 2003

I inherited an access 2003 ADP file which uses sql 2000 as it's data source. This is my first access maintenance project and not thinking about the issues involved simply opened it in access 2007 on my dev machine. It of course worked and I proceeded to do the work requested. I have completed the work and presented the file to the client, which he opens in access 2003 and proceeds to receive several errors, all related to variables not being declared. It is at this point I realize that none of the code files have Option Explicit set. I look at ...Read more

How to convert an ADP project under source control from Access 2000 to Access 2003?

We have an ADP project created several years ago using Access 2000. This project is under source control (using the Access' standard MSSCCI-based add-in that integrates Access with SourceSafe). Now we use Access 2003 to work with this project. Everything seems to be working okay, including integration with source control. However, when this ADP file is opened by Access 2003, it says that the project has "Access 2000" format. Assuming that there are some good reasons to convert this ADP project from "Access 2000" format to "Access 2002-2003" for...Read more

vba - Access ADP - For/Against?

I have been tasked with taking an Access 97 application and moving the back-end data to SQL Server while moving the front end to Access 2003 (using Access Data Projects). In the process of this migration the back-end data structures will be changed significantly to support new functionality.If I had my wish we would not be using Access as the front end. I think our application would be much better served by WinForms, WPF, or a web application. We have the time needed to properly plan a business logic layer and implement an excellent solution bu...Read more

MS Access - Linked tables vs Access Data Project (ADP)? Security?

I am trying to determine the best approach when designing a new Access based application. Due to decisions made by others I have to use Access 2003 as my front end and SQL Server as my back-end data store (I would have preferred to use Winforms/WPF and SQL Server 2008 but that is another story).Originally I was thinking of using Access Data Projects (ADP) as data security is a big issue in this project and ADPs would allow me to store everything (except VBA. reports, and forms) within SQL Server. Problem is that many developers I have spoken to...Read more

Rebuilding Access adp in Access 2007 and getting error

I'm trying to rebuild an Access adp application in Access 2007. I started with a blank database, linked the SQL Server tables I need with ODBC, and then copied over all of the forms from the original application. I then updated the data sources for the forms to go to the correct tables. When I open one of the forms, I get the error "Syntax error in WITH OWNERACCESS OPTION declaration". This error is occurring before the Open event code is being run. Does anyone have any ideas about how to track down where this error is coming from? Or maybe an ...Read more

Access 2007 Wizards won't run

Every time I try to run a Wizard in Access 2007 a dialog box pops up saying the following: The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted. Deleting the VBA project removes all code from modules, forms and reports. You should back up your database before attempting to open the database and dlete the VBA project. To create a backup copy, click Cancel and then make a backup copy of your database. To open the database and delete the VBA pr...Read more

Access 2007 & 2003 : Creating an mde for 2003 users with a 2007 dev copy issues

So i have an image on my computer that has office 2007, and I have the development copy of this database file where I corrected some code, added some fields, etc...I then converted the Access file (.mdb dev file) to Access 2002-2003 format to create an mde. So I then created the new mde, but when users try to open, it gives them the message that it is not the correct format and that they should upgrade to a newer version of access.So will i be able to get this done with having office 2007, and these other end users not having their new image pu...Read more

Access 2007 Linked table Performance

I have an Access 2007 application (previously in Access 2003) that is running into some performance issues when the linked database tables are on a network drive. In 2003 the application worked perfectly fine. Now in 2007 the speed of data retrieval using sql and a recordset is degraded pretty poorly. The exact area that i am encountering the issue is on:DIM rs AS NEW ADODB.RECORDSETrs.Open tsSql, CurrentProject.AccessConnection, iKeyset, iLockThe iKeyset is set to 0 and iLock is set to 3the rs.Open command is taking from 4 - 5 seconds which...Read more