Get current playing file in MPlayer slave mode

Problem: I can't find any way to reliably get the current playing file in an MPlayer playlist.Here is how far I have gotten. This working ash script monitors a text file with the path to the current playlist. When I update the file, the script closes the old instance of MPlayer and opens a new one with the new playlist:# POLL PLAYLIST FILE FOR CHANGESCURRENTPLAYLISTPATH=/home/tc/currentplaylistINFIFO=/tmp/mplayer-inCURRENTPLAYLIST="NEVERMATCHAPLAYLIST"FIRSTRUN=1while [ 1 ];do # CHECK FOR NEW PLAYLIST NEWPLAYLIST=$(head -n 1 $CURRENTPLAYLI...Read more

mplayer slave: set volume before starting the playback

I know this is about a specific program (mplayer back-end); however it will be used to program a front-end so I hope it is still considered on-topic on Stack Overflow.I want to run two mplayer slave instances which will be used to fade between different audio streams (webradio; smoothly change the channel). To do this, I set the "software volume" of mplayer so it will not affect the PCM output channel of the sound card but insert a software volume mixer to adjust the volume.However, I encounter the following problem.I start mplayer with the fol...Read more

mplayer plays clip of previous file when loading new file

Loading an audio file in mplayer, pausing it, then loading a new file results in a brief bit of the initial audio file being played before playing the new file.To replicate the issue:Run mplayer in slave mode from a terminal: mplayer -slave -quiet /path/to/audio.filemplayer is now accepting input commands. Type pause and hit Enter to pause the playback. Then type loadfile /path/to/new/audio.file and hit Enter to load a new audio file.In the input commands documentation, there is a tip... Try using something like... pausing_keep_force pt_s...Read more

live555 - change user agent in mplayer windows cmd?

I am viewing a video from rtsp://r5---sn- link and i wish to change the current user agent that shows up as User-Agent: MPlayer (LIVE555 Streaming Media v2013.04.30)\r\nin wireshark.I also tried the commandmplayer -user-agent "QuickTime" rtsp:// dont change anything still has the default mplayer user agenthow will i go around chan...Read more

Trying to pause whilst running mplayer from webserver

Hi i am creating my own user interface using python.In this i currently run mplayer from a click with nohup (so as not to mess up the server running), what i would like to do is add a pause button.Is this possible when running nohup or is there a better way to do it?so trying os.system("nohup mplayer file.mp3 &")does not allow a pause as far as i could find.then;os.system("rm /tmp/mplayer")os.system("mkfifo /tmp/mplayer")os.system("nohup mplayer -slave -input file=/tmp/mplayer file.mp3 &")My pause button is then created using;os.system(...Read more

Make MPlayer show all playback state change message in output

I'm currently using MPlayer in slave mode for a video player im making.As of currently, the media player shows ==== PAUSED ==== when it's paused and I can read the output for this status to know when the video is paused.The command line arg i am using as of now is msglevel identify=6:statusline=-1 (i disabled statusline as it produced A: 0.7 V: 0.6 A-V: 0.068 ... and unneccessary stuff)What do I need to set the msglevel (or anything else) so that it will also show ==== PLAYING ==== or any indication that it started playing, stopped, me...Read more

playing - How to check whether mplayer plays a file or not?

I am trying to check if mplayer is playing an mp3 file. I currently use this line from pythonstrace -p " + str( + " 2>&1 | head -n 200 | grep 'read(3'That is because I know that mplayer makes system calls when reading file from descriptor number 3. However, no matter how many lines I analyze, there is not a single reading operation....Read more

mplayer - MplayerX playback positions

MplayerX, not only remembers what I've watched but also is able to resume playback at a later invocation.As stated here "MPlayerX saves playback positions in plist file ~/Library/Application Support/MPlayerX/bookmarks.plist"Can someone please explain what the values in the plist file mean? <key> file://localhost/abc.m4v </key><string>33.795867</string>clearly one is the name of the file but what does the numerica value signify? How can I translate 33.79... to something meaningful like "70% viewed" or "50 minutes viewed"...Read more

mplayer - Where does MplayerX keep its playback history?

MplayerX, not only remembers what I've watched but also is able to resume playback at a later invocation.For example, if I watch media-file abc.m4v for 4 minutes and then quit the program. Then start MplayerX at a later date and open abc.m4v, it starts playback at 4 minutes.I'd like to know where it stores the playback history. I'd also like to know if I can retrieve that information.Thanks!...Read more

How do I make audio volume persistent when using mplayer in slave mode?

My goal is to have mplayer start at one volume, then change to a different volume in a scripted fashion.My current script (pseudo code - simplicity)mkfifo mplayer_fifo(sleep 5m; echo "set_property volume 80" > "mplayer_fifo")&mplayer -volume 100 -slave -input file="mplayer_fifo" song1 song2 song3The above starts mplayer at volume 100 then changes to volume 80 after 5 minutes.The issue however is it only changes to volume 80 for the current song then reverts back to 100 on the next song. I desire that it change to 80 and stay there.Is thi...Read more

Run two separate instances of mplayer with separate volume levels

I want to run two separate instances of mplayer. In the first, I want to run my primary audio stream. The second, I'm using to "overlay" sound effects on the primary audio stream. These sound effects are run at a different volume level. The problem I'm having is that when I play the sound affects at a different volume level, the volume changes in the playback of the primary audio stream as well. Is there a way to play the two streams at different audio levels when both streams are being played by separate mplayer instances?...Read more

mplayer - mplayer2 playing pictures from mp3

Recently i've switched from mplayer to mplayer2 and there's one pestering thing: when i play an .mp3 file, and there is a picture embedded (here's an excerpt from exiftool output)Picture Mime Type : image/jpegPicture Type : Front CoverPicture Description : Picture : (Binary data 26267 bytes, use -b option to extract)mplayer2 tries to play this picture:Detected file format: MP2/3 (MPEG audio layer 2/3) (libavformat)[mp3 @ 0x7f95709a9000]max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5...Read more