How to add several entries to a section from a moodle dataform?

I have a question regarding moodle.Can anyone advise on how to set up a dataform in moodle, for the entry template?I need the possibility for the user to add several entries for a section from the dataform.As an example, if the dataform contains-Name-Age-Phone number-LocationThe user will be able to complete only one time the name and the age, but will have the capability to add several phone numbers and locations.Could you please advise?Thanks!...Read more

elgg - best Social Network for Moodle integration?

I´m going to set-up an adapted social network for my company and I need to be logged through moodle so I´m looking for the best option... any suggestion?i´m gattering information about elgg, mahara, socialengine, Buddypress ... the most important is that we need users to be logged only one timethanks in advance...Read more

Add an object 'Company' in Moodle

I have a question, is possible if i want to add a new object called 'Company' to Moodle?My Moodle is provides for several Companies. Each company have their staffs. Staff permission is the same with normal user. The problem is 'Company'.How could i define a new object Company to moodle. For example, i go 'my user profile' and see the information about My Company: ABC Company, and the administrator could manage all the Company (add, edit info, delete)Thanks in advanceTuan Anh....Read more

Add several records in moodle

I've been having trouble adding items in my table in moodle, this is what I've trying with no success. $totalrec = array();$rec2 = $DB->get_records('table1', null, '', '*', 0, 0);$rec4 = $DB->get_records('table2', array('x' => 'y') , '', '*', 0, 0);foreach ($rec2 as $records2) { $rec3 = $DB->get_records('z', array('m' => 'n') , '', '*', 0, 0); foreach ($rec3 as $records3) { if (isset($_REQUEST['a']) && isset($_REQUEST['b'])) { $ca = $_REQUEST['a']; $co = $_REQUEST['b']; $pi = ...Read more

Web Application into Moodle

I developed a web application (in PHP) for students to use it so we can evaluate them. This application generates a final note.I wonder if Moodle has some activity / module that allows me to embed my web application so that the students can use Moodle.I've seen that have a Moodle 2.0 activity / module called "External tool", and it might be what I'm looking ... but I have some questions about this activity."External Tool" shows me a Moodle external Web application, is thereany way to communicate with the external application, forexample, for ex...Read more

Users creation with LDAP on moodle

I have an existing moodle 2.5.3 installation and currently planning for LDAP authentication with MS AD. I got most LDAP information from our network team but for deployment I have a few questions.I have hundreds of existing users created manually or by self-registration. What would happen to users who already exist (registered with same corporate email address) now that I add LDAP authentication?If I don't have a Creators group on AD, I suppose I would assign role in moodle manually. would these assignment be affected during sync job?AD user...Read more

Moodle - Why Default Dashboard Page?

I was going through the Moodle documentation for setting default dashboard with few blocks on student page. I was surprised that it is not working as provided in the documentation. Scenario - I want to have one additional block (Random Glossary) available for all users with "authenticated user" role. I tried following:Logged in with Administratorthen clicked on Site Administrator->Appearance->Default Dashboard PageTurned on Block EditingAdded new Random Glossary...Read more

Moodle - Custom Email Notifications ?

I'm trying to modify the email that a student receives when he finish a quiz. I want to add some information to the mail (like the feedbacks of each answer, the score ecc.) but, on moodle documentation, i read that there are only few information that i can add: (the $a strings): you know if there are more information that i can add? Or can you explain me how add manually those information, thanks....Read more

Moodle custom service creation issue

I am trying to create Moodle custom service for my functionality enhancement 1 ) ) service module based on these documents.created service module and external_lib.php file.But i got error while accessing the web service APIError : {"exception":"dml_missing_record_exception","errorcode":"invalidrecord","message":"Can not find data record in database table external_functions."}Enabled debug mode and tried again . It shows extern...Read more

Moodle users assigned to a course at sign up

I am new to Moodle, but I need to create a nasty custom feature for deployment.When a user chooses to signup and create an account, they have to be placed in a group and only see their own version of the courses based on a job role they specify. There will be 3 different job roles and three different versions of the course. I have added a custom field on signup to pick a job role, but what is the best way to go about doing this, or can Moodle support something like this at all?...Read more

how assign roles in the Moodle

I installed moodle and want to assign roles. in Site administration/Users/Permissions/Define roles I have 8 roles. But in administration/Users/Permissions/Assign system roles I have only 2 roles to assign. How can I assign a user the role not exists in these two?...Read more

Error while LDAP authenication in moodle 3.3.2

I have regularly received an issue while authenticating LDAP Server in Moodle 3.3.2.I used centos 7 (vm) and install moodle successfully on it.When binding LDAP authentication there is an issue while login from ad user account.LDAP-module cannot connect to any servers: Server: 'IP of AD server', Connection: 'Resource id #86', Bind result: ''Note: I used Distinguish name and contexts (copying dn through ldap.exe from my local computer). What is the meaning of display Resource Id #86' sometime it gives Resource Id #87??Any help would be appreciat...Read more

How to use Moodle API or Moodle functions in Drupal?

I have installed a Moodle instance on a server and a Drupal instance on the same server. But, they both use different (running Drupal 7.44) (hosted on Server A) (running Moodle 2.6.2) (hosted on same server as above)Requirement:I want to use Moodle functions in Drupal. I want to let my Moodle users login to Drupal using their Moodle credentials.The user, who has logged into Drupal using their Moodle credentials, should have access to their Moodle courses on Drupal.My approach:Include Moodle confi...Read more

Making a blog in Moodle 2.3 public, viewable to the whole world

I am using Moodle 2.3 and want to make blog posts viewable to the whole world or public i.e without having to login or go to a particular course. I think in previous versions of moodle you had the option to make blog posts viewable to yourself, to site users or whole world. I don't seem to have the 'whole world' option when I create a blog post. Has this been removed in 2.3 or does it need to be enabled somewhere else?Also is it possible to display a list of recent blog posts either as a block on the left/right or inside the home page?Thanks...Read more