mono - Getting: "Compilation exited with code 134" when attempting to use "LLVM Optimizing Compiler" switch

I'm getting a "Compilation exited with code 134" when attempting to use the "LLVM Optimizing Compiler" switch for release iPhone builds, using MonoTouch 4.0.1.I don't get much information from build output window at all - just: "Compilation exited with code 134, command:" MONO_PATH=(snip)/bin/iPhone/Release/ /Developer/MonoTouch/usr/bin/arm-darwin-mono --llvm --aot=mtriple=armv7-darwin,nimt-trampolines=2048,full,static,asmonly,nodebug,llvm-path=/Developer/MonoTouch/LLVM/bin/,outfile=/var/folders/03/033pAAGuHgGkIy4CorbVV++++TI/-Tmp-/t...Read more

mono - Hiding Android Action Bar in Xamarin PCL project

How to change the visibility of the ActionBar in all pages of an android app in a Xamarin Forms project. I used ActionBar.Hide() in the main activity but it hides it only in the front page.namespace ParsellIT.Droid{ [Activity(Label = "ParsellIT", MainLauncher = true)] public class MainActivity : AndroidActivity { protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle) { base.OnCreate(bundle); Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init(this, bundle); SetPage(App.GetMainPage()); ActionBar.Hide(...Read more

mono - Xamarin.Forms Picker causes app to crash

I have the following code set up. The simulator crashes when I navigate to the view. I am trying to put a picker into my app that displays pay schedules such as Weekly, Semi-Annual, and Annual. insurancePicker = new Picker() { Title = "Insurance Frequency", VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand }; insurancePicker.Items.Add("Monthly"); insurancePicker.Items.Add("Semi-Annual"); insurancePicker.Items.Add("Annual"); insurancePicker.SelectedIndexChanged += (sender, args) => { if ...Read more

mono - WebRequest not working with ssl on Xamarin.Forms, despite servicePointManager hack

I am writing an application that needs to read from a REST api that is only available over https. I am running into the issue where the request fails in Mono.Security, with the message: "The authentication or decryption has failed."I did my research and found that Mono by default doesn't have any trusted certificates. All the sources I found said that I could use ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback += new RemoteCertificateValidationCallback((sender, certificate, chain, policyErrors) => { return true; });within the Main() ...Read more

mono - How to toggle full screen mode in GTK+/GTK#

I am building my first GTK application. I am writing my app in Mono C# using the GTK# bindings. However, I will be happy to receive the GTK+ explanation and figure out the GTK# implementation.The application consists of a single top level window that I wish to toggle fullscreen mode on and off in the same way that Chrome does with the F11 key. I can go to full screen mode easily by executing the GdkWindow.Fullscreen () method on the window object. But, I cannot figure out how to toggle back to 'Normal' mode....Read more

mono - Mkbundle doesn't work for simple program

What am I missing here...?I'm running some sanity tests after installing mono on an Ubuntu server (14.04.3 LTS), and hitting some problems when trying to mkbundle a simple test app that I got from the mono site.The test app looks like this:using System;public class HelloWorld{ static public void Main () { Console.WriteLine ("Hello Mono World"); }}It compiles into hello.exe fine when I use mcs.However, when I subsequently run mkbundle -o hello hello.exe --deps, this step fails. The resulting message reads:OS is: LinuxSources: 1 ...Read more

mono - I can not debug ASP.NET in Monodevelop - Missing extension

Come on, I'll try to be objective.I installed the monodevelop via flatpack (I've tried the Stable versions 6.3 and Alpha Preview 8 - 7.0)I have 3 problems, but only 1 of them is serious, I'll start with the serious one, which I want to solve:I can not debug ASP.NET.When opening the IDE I get the following error message: The Following extensions could not be started - Full Path: MonoDevelop.Ide. I click on yes and everything works fine, but I can not debug asp.netAttention: It is not the same thing of this question: more

Issues with running nunit-console.exe with Mono

I could make a dll for NUnit NUnit test under mono, but when I tried to run in with nunit-console.exe I get the following error message.Runtime Environment - OS Version: Unix CLR Version: 2.0.50727.1433 ( 2.6.4 (tarball Thu Apr 22 13:24:33 MDT 2010) )ProcessModel: Default DomainUsage: SingleExecution Runtime: mono-2.0** (/Users/smcho/bin/NUnit- WARNING **: The following assembly referenced from /private/var/folders/m4/m4u1hmP+FHOQaiZbHj1UCk+++TI/-Tmp-/nunit20/ShadowCopyCache/36800...Read more

mono - On OSX with MonoDevelop, Run NUnit Tests from Terminal / Command Line

Given that I create a C# NUnit Test Library called TryTesting in MonoDevelop(MD) ( on OSX, how should I run these tests from the terminal/command-line (so that I can add them to an automated build)?I know that the general formula is:nunit-console .../TryTesting/bin/Debug/TryTesting.dllormono nunit-console.exe .../TryTesting/bin/Debug/TryTesting.dllHowever, that alone is insufficient given the environment created when installing MonoDevelop.I get the following output & error:NUnit version 2.4.8Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Charlie Poole.Co...Read more

servicestack - NLog fails to open file on Windows with Mono

I have a small set of ServiceStack REST services that is using NLog 2.1 (from NuGet) for logging. My test server is running:Windows 7 IIS 7.5 .NET 4.5NLog config:<nlog throwExceptions="true" internalLogToConsole="true" internalLogLevel="Debug" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""> <targets> <target name="c" xsi:type="Console" /> <target name="f1" xsi:type="File" fileName="C:\logs\test.log" /> </targets> <rules> <logger nam...Read more

How to run NUnit 3.0 with Mono 4.0 runtime?

I'm trying to run a test assembly built with .NET Framework 4.5.1 on Mono 4.0 and NUnit 3.0 on Windows.Does anyone know how to make nunit-console.exe see the Mono 4.0 runtime that is installed on my machine and stop saying it is unknown or not available?If I run nunit-console.exe through mono and set the target framework:mono C:\Program Files (x86)\\bin\nunit-console.exe --framework=mono-4.0 "C:\MyTestAssembly.dll" NUnit Console Runner 3.0.5610Copyright (C) 2014 Charlie PooleTest Files C:\MyTestAssembly.dllRuntime Environment OS V...Read more

castle monorail - error UrlHelper and mono

In my views (velocity template mode) I call $Url.Link helper, in Visual Studio with cassini it work but when I deploy my webapp on mono/nginx/ubuntu url are well not formed, I get only the controler's action's seems it come from Url.For method and its compatibility with monoserv...Read more - Inferior behavior of XSockets under Mono compared to MS.NET

GivenI am using XSockets 3.0.6 which I think is the latest stable version. Under MS.NET the behavior is as expected. On Ubuntu 14.04 and Mono 3.6.1 though the server has some kind of delays before sending messages to clients.ProblemOn MS.NET when I type a string in the client and send it, all clients are immediately notified. On Mono though message is received by the server and clients were not notified immediately. With only 1 message I waited for 5 minutes and clients were still not notified. When messages become 5-6 then all clients become ...Read more

mono - client can not subscribe to events

I am using xsockets server version running on mono 3.2.4 and javascript client version 3.0.2 on browser.Client can publish notifications to server without any problems. But subscriptions are not received.XSockets controller source:public class ChatController : XSocketController{ public void Chat(ITextArgs textArgs) { //this.Send(textArgs); <-- in this case calling client is notified this.SendToAll (textArgs); // <-- calling this does not notify clients var count = EventSubscribers.Count; // count is 0 ...Read more