model view controller - Sitecore Glassmapper Fields not editable

Hi I am new to glassmapper and i am trying to create a simple view rendering. While the view works, i am not able to edit it in experience editor. Is there like a setting that i should turn on??? My View is as simple is this: @inherits Glass.Mapper.Sc.Web.Mvc.GlassView<sample.Web.Models.sampleclass>@if (Model != null){ <div> @Editable(Model,x=>x.Title) </div>}My Modal: using Glass.Mapper.Sc.Configuration.Attributes;using System;namespace Sampple.Web.Models.Sampleclass{ [SitecoreType(TemplateId = "{FE05DA0F-7E...Read more

JavaFX: Passing on an Image extracted from a FileChooser triggered from the Root view into an ImageView object in a nested view

I'm new to JavaFX, so please forgive the noobishness.So I'm making a Picture Viewer. This is my first time designing a GUI with the MVC paradigm, so I'm not very sure what I'm doing.What I'm Trying To Accomplish:It's just a normal picture viewer. Like your standard Windows program that opens when you want to look at a picture.What I Did:So I currently have 2 views: the Root.fxml view, which is a BorderPane with just a MenuBar on topwith a MenuItem "Open" that triggers a FileChooser and sets currentImage variable to whatever the ...Read more

model view controller - Implementing a service layer in an MVC architecture

How would one typically implement a service layer in an MVC architecture? Is it one object that serves all requests to underlying business objects? Or is more like an object that serves different service objects that in their turn interact with business objects?So:Controller -> Service -> getUserById(), or:Controller -> ServiceManager -> getUserService() -> getUserById()Also, if the latter is more appropriate, would you configure this ServiceManager object in a bootstrap? In other words, register the different services that you will be needing ...Read more

model view controller - Why is MVC so popular?

I was originally going to make this a longer question, but I feel like the shorter I make it, the better you'll understand what I mean.The MVC architectural pattern has 3 dependencies. The View depends on the model. The Controller depends on the View and Model. The Model is independent.The Layers architectural pattern defines N - 1 dependencies, where N is the number of Layers.Given three Layers: Model, View, and Controller, there are only 2 dependencies, as opposed to 3 with traditional MVC. The structure looks like this:View ---> Controlle...Read more

cakephp 2.0 - File /View/Elements/lookup.ctp won't render inside /View/Layouts/default.ctp (error displayed)? How can I do it?

I want to embed an HTML input form (search bar) in /View/Layouts/default.ctp (which is Homepage presentation layout of the site). I've created /View/Elements/lookup.ctp with the following code (I wrote Element because I wanted to include that search bar on every page of the site):<?phpecho $this->Form->create('Search', array('action' => 'lookup', 'accept-charset' => 'utf-8'));echo $this->Form->input(array('type' => 'search', 'name' => 'search', 'placeholder' => 'enter search term'));echo $this->Form->button('...Read more

model view controller - backbone list bind to collection

I am trying to understand how a collection passed in to a view is being referenced and used. There does not seem to be any reference to the collection, but it's models are being used. Also, I'm unable to get the collection items to be bound/displayed when I use my collection that is bound to my api, but it works when I use the hard coded collection. Is it because I need to fetch my collection at some point? My collection is fine and the path is fine. I use it throughout my app without any problems.Below is the code:module.exports = Backbon...Read more

Clojure Model-View-Controller (MVC) design

I am writing a Desktop GUI application in Clojure using Java Swing. Normally when working with Java I will design the application according to a MVC design pattern using the Observer pattern as well. This way the view is decoupled from the model and changes in either do not affect each other, making changes easier further along. I was wondering if Clojure has a better approach to this problem than normal MVC and Observer design pattern? I'm new to functional programming so i'm not sure how I can make the model separate from the view. I require ...Read more

model view controller - Trouble getting defroutes to work in webnoir

So, I'm a clojure n00b, and I'm missing something when trying to get the routes for a project I'm building working.I had some issues with circular dependencies, and after working with Django, I think it's much better to have routes all defined in one place, rather than peppered all over the codebase as seems to be done with defpage.Onto the code:This is my core.clj file:(ns blktechies-home.core (:use compojure.core hiccup.middleware) (:require [compojure.route :as route] [blktechies-home.routes :as site-routes] [c...Read more

model view controller - Kendo splitter control load right panel contents asynchronously

I have a Kendo splitter control with left/right panes. Inside the left pane I have a Kendo panel bar control that builds a navigation menu. Unfortunately I inherited this from another developer that left the company and I'm not familiar with the Kendo control.It all works, but when the user clicks on a menu item, the entire page refreshes, That's for the birds! I want only the right panel to refresh. Here's the code for the for the layout page:<body>@(Html.Kendo().Splitter().Name("splitter").Panes(panes => { panes.Add().Size("2...Read more

model view controller - Resuming control after gtk_main

I'm creating a GUI application using the MVC design pattern in C. It is meant to be a game of connect 4.I want my controller to be able to send data to the GUI. I have a method in my GUI to draw the starting elements, e.g. the board and buttons to select which column to drop a checker in.At the end of this method I have to call gtk_main() in order for the GUI to show on screen. I want to be able to send data between the view and controller class, but after calling this method, control is NOT given back to the controller class.To be clear, the m...Read more

model view controller - Using MVC and have questions about roles of domain entities and mvc components

I have an MVC application which has the following architecture...UI Project (MVC) Controllers (C) - instantiates view models ViewModels (M) - primary vehicle for feeding data to views ViewsBusiness Layer Returns data from Repository layer and returns entity/model objectsEntity/Model Layer (Domain Entity Layer)Repository Layer ( Data Layer) Data access and returns entity/model objects to business layerSo, with the above architecture what interacts with the business layer? (viewmodels or controllers)....Read more

model view controller - Service Layer with WebApi

I am starting to work on a new project so working on laying on the architechture at this moment.So basically we want to keep a service oriented architecture using MVC web api.So I had the following structure in mind:Project.Core (All Poco classes)Proect.Data (All entity framerwork)Project.Service (All Web API ??)Project.WebWe would be working for the first time on webapi here. So wanted to know how do we intergrate webapi here.Most of the articles we saw read had created a mvc web application and had selected webapi in that. But we were looking...Read more

model view controller - Layered architecture mvc

I'm creating a web app using an MVC framework. I thought of adding a layer between the controller and the domain models, I think it's called application layer in DDD, to avoid putting logic that is specific to a certain use case in the domain models.The controller will only interact with this layer and this layer will orchestrate the operation using the domain models. This layer will be kept as thin as possible pushing all the logic that is not use case specific to the domain model.I will call the classes that belong to this layer DomainCtrl.Ex...Read more