mmenu - Remember selected panel when going back to Menu tab from Languages tab?

I have implemented the Languages tab shown on BUT I would like a way to remember the position/active menu panel when going back from the Languages tab. I am right now using the API to open both panels from icons in my visible navigation:$(".mobile-lang").on("click", function() { $("#languages-panel") );});$(".mobile-nav").on("click", function() { $("#menu-panel") );});Plus I have my navbar set-up like this:navbars: [{ "position": "top", "...Read more

mmenu - Compile error when using the new mmlight with a preprocessing script

I've moved from the now deprecated jquery.mmenu (available at to mmlight ( author, different version of the script, with the latter being more modern and short in size between the other things.While using the new version in conjunction with a static site generator that has a pre-processing routine to compress Javascript I got an error that I was able to pin down to the line that contains the =>document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => { Regrettably the error from the verbose i...Read more

How to go to the highest parent using jquery.mmenu

I have created a menu using jquery.mmenu. I have submenu's within the menu's and the functionality works as expected. However with jquery.mmenu you can only go back to the closest parent. I want to add a new link which will allow the user to go back to the most upper parent in one go.So lets say I have a menu like this: Food --> drinks --> soft drinks --> coca colaIf the user is at the coca cola level, I want a link that brings the user back to Food. How to solve this?...Read more

only make last child items links work in mmenu

I make a menu with the mmenu plugin, but I have lots of submenus.All of the items in my main-menu and sub-menus has a link to a page I want to remove the links of parent menus and only the last child menu items had link to the page how I can do that in mmenu.I want to have a menu like this.only the items that don't have child menu go to the link!Sorry for my poor english ... :(<ul> <li><a href="page.html">go to page</a></li> <li> <a href="nopage.html">don't go to page</a> <u...Read more

jQuery mmenu has little delay on open action

i'm using this very nice plugin on my website for mobile device and i notified that when click to open menu, it takes 1 sec delay.Also in the demo plugin page (visit from mobile) you should see the same behaviour.In the code: jquery.mmenu.js ln 74 there is a sort of note about this delay.Could it be fixed and have a fluid open/close menu? (close action is perfect)thx for any response...Read more

mmenu not closing on anchor tags

trying to use the jQuery.mmenu plugin. I have multiple items in my menu. Some link to anchor tags within the page, and the rest link to other pages. First time I click on a link to an anchor, the page navigates to the anchor and the menu closes. But if I open the menu again and click on another link to a different anchor, the page navigates but the menu does not close. I'm using the code right out of the box and have not changed anything. I'm sure I'm missing something real simple. Any help would be greatly appreciatedThe menu<nav id="menu"&...Read more

prevent mmenu close on click on page

I have one mmenu instance. The default behaviour is that it closes when I click outside of the menu. How can I prevent this behaviour? To force the menu closure I want to use only a predisposed button (already working)------------------ ADD Some details --------My mmenu instance is as below<nav id="listPanel"> <ul> <li id="closeButtonLi"><span id="panelButtonClose" class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right"> Chiudi</span></li> <!--<li style="padding:10px"><i...Read more

mmenu - page layout not displaying as expected when using position:fixed for page content

I'm having an issue with position:fixed regarding my mmenu's show/hide anchor (in this case, a hamburger icon).Selecting the icon toggles the menu as expected, but with the menu open, the page is pushed down ~32px from the top in Safari, Chrome and Firefox in OS X, as well as Safari iOS 8. Surprisingly, the page displays correctly in IE 10 and 11.I've added:<script src="js/jquery.mmenu.fixedelements.js"></script>to the page, and assigned the class "FixedTop" to the div containing the anchor. All 100% heights are marked up as 100vh.I...Read more

Add hover effects to mmenu

Thanks to previous help with mmenu, I now have it working mostly as I want. It's been a crash course in CSS for me! However, I'd like to add a hover effect to mmenu (background to a menu item changes colour). There's no problem doing this with single-level items, which are just a links, but if I apply a hover effect to items that open a second-level menu (those with right-pointing arrow) the hover colour hides the text. Is there a solution using CSS?...Read more

jquery mmenu opens by default

I've set up a new page and added jQuery.mmenu. now when I load the page the mmenu opens already by default.mmenu is firing and adding mm-opened on the body on page load. Then the css transition kicks in and mmenu is opened nicely.But I want it only to be opened when click on a menu button. Very strange. Anybody heard this before?jquery:$(document).ready(function() { $("#my-menu").mmenu();});html:<body> <nav id="my-menu"> <ul> <li><a href="{{item.url }}" class="no-barba">But WHy?</a></li> ...Read more

How can I set the width of a second level Mmenu menu?

I have successfully setup Mmenu on a WordPress theme - loving Mmenu so far. But I need to change the width of the second level menu to make it a little wider than the top level menu.I can change the width of the parent container, however this affects the top level menu { width:320px !important;}I am open to CSS or Javascript solutions. Although I don't think a CSS solution is possible.Has anyone done this before?...Read more