Minecraft pe will not load

I have been playing Minecraft pe for over two years now and it has become one of my most favorite games. I recently created a Xbox live account to be able to play on servers. Everything seemed fine until yesterday. Apple came out with a new version of iOS and I updated my device. Now, I can’t load the game, the screen that says Minecraft after mojang goes to the last three or four bars then freezes. Nothing else happens. If I go to airplane mode I can launch the game but shortly after that it will crash. Does anyone know what’s wrong?...Read more

minecraft pocket edition - Reorganize within a chest in MCPE

I'm playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on my old iPad, but I'm wondering if there is a way to organize stuff within a chest. I'm not asking about how to categorize the different chests, but how to reorganize stuff within a given chest.I.e. within a Stone chest, I would like for the Cobblestone to be in a given row, or possible to move to a given row, and the Gravel to be elsewhere. Similarly for tools I would like to group the Pickaxe's, Sword's, and so on.I know I can use other random items as fillers, but that is really tedious work, and I woul...Read more

Is there a way to change your Minecraft username ( in Minecraft PE v0.15.0) WITHOUT changing your Xbox Live username/gamertag?

I was wondering if there was a way to change your Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) username so that it isn't the same as your Xbox live username. I have Minecraft on the Pc and already, have a username I also used on the PE as well. But, when I updated the MCPE to v0.15.0 and signed into Xbox live, it changed my username (My Xbox live username is still the same). Is there anything I can do?Thank you, and have a nice day!...Read more

Minecraft villagers are constantly getting affected by invisibility

In my village, my villagers are constantly becoming invisible, even wandering traders are invisible, only their llamas are there. That said, they always reappear after a few minutes. I thought that witches might be the reason so i did a test. I kept and surrounded a village with walls and lit up the place, yet some of the villagers are still becoming invisible. This issue is really annoying, because I can never find the villager I want to trade with....Read more