kedusha holiness - The status of an unused mikvah

I think I learned that a synagogue even after it is no longer being used as such retains some measure of a special status (though I don't know if the word "kedusha" would attach) which limits what it can be turned into (I know that in Megilla this is discussed but I thought I heard that it is more extensive than just there). Does a mikvah have similar rules? Can I take a mikvah and use it as a hot tub or something else? Or does it have/retain any special status?...Read more

mikvah ritual bath - Does the Talmud discuss the origin of Mikvaot?

Archaeology has uncovered hundreds of ancient mikvaot in Israel. They all date from the Second Temple era or later. This suggests that when the Torah instructs one to "wash" himself to remove tumah, it is not talking about immersion in water. If so, then mikvaot as we know them and all their halachos evolved over time.Is there any evidence in the Gemara for this? If not, then what are we to make of the absence of mikvaot from the Biblical era?...Read more