different language in the bibliograhpy feature of word 2007

I am looking for help concerning a university task. I am using Word 2007 (installed in a German version) and want to enter all the quotes/citations and books into the bibliography system of word.The whole document is written in English, but unfortunately this automatic bibliography ends up being in a German format - meaning that instead of e.g. "edited by", I see "herausgegeben von"...Does anyone know how to change the language in this case? I have also installed the English Language Pack for Office... but still can't find a way to make it use ...Read more

microsoft word 2007 - Cross-reference format

I would like to ask how to change the format of references in the main text. The journal asks the authors to use box brackets in the main text but round brackets in the reference section. Such as:Main textLow impact development (LID) systems have gained popularity. [2]Reference(2) Hunt et al. Low impact development practices. American Society of Civil Engineers, 2010.I use cross-reference and the bracket format in the main text link to the bracket format in the reference. How could I change the round brackets in the main text to box brackets.Th...Read more

templates - Reference a date field, auto-calculation in Word-2007

I'm using a Word 2007 template for a weekly activity report.It looks like this:I'd like to be able to just specify one date, say the first date of the week, and the others would adjust accordingly. So that the "To" date would be the entered date+5, Monday would be the same entered date (different format), Tuesday would be entered date+1, etc.I can only see automatic dates in input fields, but those can be edited by hand, so I guess a "CreationDate" field would work, but ideally a custom date if one's available, no update required (except to ref...Read more

How to dynamically reference a "partial template" in MS Word?

I want to make use of an "external reference" in Word. (for anyone that knows AutoCAD, I want XREF abilities in Word)Essentially I have a custom "header" that I want included in a whole pile of documents... that all reference a single file... such that if my address, logo, tagline, phone, fax or email changes, I update the one file, and all of the other 101 files that use it automatically update when I next open/use them.I'm using Office 2007 if that makes any difference....Read more

styles - Numbered paragraphs in Word 2007

I have the following styles defined in Word 2007. They all have outline levels 1-6. They also correctly show up in the Table of Contents (not all, I only set the TOC up to Level 3). 1 Heading 1 1.1 Heading 2 1.1.1 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading 6This is what I want 1 Heading 1 1.1 Body text under Heading Level 1 1.2 Body text under Heading Level 1 2 Heading 1 2.1 Heading 2 2.1.1 Body text under Heading Level 2 2.1.2 Body text under Heading Level 2 2.1.3 Body text under Heading Level 2 2.2 ...Read more