using autoForm/quickForm, returns Objects instead of an html form

I'm trying to use quickForm form autoForm to generate a form from my collection<template name="NewRecipe"> <div class="new-recipe-container"> {{> quickForm collection="Recipes" id="insertRecipeForm" type="insert" class="new-recipe-form"}} </div></template>Instead of displaying a simple table with labels and input fields and a submit button what it returns is an array of objects, they appear as [object Object][object Object][object Object][object Object]SubmitThe button renders as a button, but the fields ...Read more

Autoform with Meteor React and Simple-Schema

Is there any possibility to make meteor-autoform work with meteor-collection2-core and react-meteor?MWEPreferably I would like to have something like this../imports/api/Books.jsimport { Mongo } from 'meteor/mongo';import SimpleSchema from 'simpl-schema';const Books = new Mongo.Collection("books");Books.attachSchema(new SimpleSchema({ title: { type: String, label: "Title", max: 200 }, author: { type: String, label: "Author" },}));if (Meteor.isServer) { Meteor.publish('allBooks', function () {...Read more