messagebroker - The task was unsuccessful: The deployment was unsuccessful due to unknown reason

Error Description:The BAR File contains .msgflow files and this broker does not support them. To deploy this BAR file to the target broker save the BAR file selecting the 'Compile and in-line resources option'.Check that, 1. The broker is running. 2. The TCP/IP port of the queue manager is active if it is remote.Details Error Description:Begin running task [Deploying [RecordAndReplyExample] to execution group [default]]The deployment was unsuccessful due to unknown reason.The task was unsuccessful: The deployment was unsuccessful due to unknown...Read more

messagebroker - What is the difference between automatic and commit transaction modes in WMB 8.0 compute node?

What is the difference between automatic and commit transaction modes in WMB 8.0 compute node ?We have developed a message flow with a compute node which inserts records into Oracle DB tables. The flow looks likeMQInputNode (Out terminal) --- > Compute NodeMQInputNode (Catch terminal) --- > Error handling flowThe properties which we have set in that flow are as below.MQ Input node has transaction property as "Yes"Compute node transaction property as "Automatic"MQ Input Node catch terminal is connected to already developed error handling sub flo...Read more

messagebroker - How to create xml in esql

I am trying to create an xml of the below format<Item Value = '1234'> <Value>5678</Value></Item>I got a clue from DECLARE sp1 NAMESPACE '';/* Namespace declaration to associate prefix 'space1' with the namespace */SET OutputRoot.XMLNS.TestCase.(XML.NamespaceDecl)xmlns:space1 = ''; SET OutputRoot.XMLNS.TestCase.sp1:data1 = 'Hello!';generates:<TestCase xmlns:space1=""><space1:data1>Hello!</space1:data1></TestCase>Any inpu...Read more

messagebroker - Order By in esql

I have an xml message like this<Body> <test> <element>2</element> <element>6</element> <element>1</element> </test></Body>and i want to select the element with the lowest numbersomething like thisSET data[] = SELECT e FROM Output.Body.test.element[] AS e ORDER BY e.element;I would have done this if the "ORDER BY" is supported in esql select but it is not, So is there any other way to do something like this?I know the sql statements can be supported if i used PASST...Read more

messagebroker - Accounting and statistics in IIB(IBM Integration Bus)

What is the command in IIB to generate accounting and statistics data for message flows and their respective applications and integration server. And also how to generate the output file for this data and where is this file stored ?I have searched a lot regarding this and found the command 'mqsichangeflowstats' from IBM knowledge Center. I was able to successfully execute this command. But I don't know where the file is generated. I am not sure whether this is correct or not....Read more

messagebroker - ESQL InputLocalEnvironment data type

I want to be able to access the InputLocalEnvironment within a Procedure call. CREATE FUNCTION Main() RETURNS BOOLEAN BEGIN SET OutputLocalEnvironment = InputLocalEnvironment; --Call Procedure doStuff END CREATE PROCEDURE doStuff ( IN inputLocalEnvironment ) RETURNS BOOLEAN BEGIN --Do Stuff with the inputLocalEnvironment ENDWhat is the data type I should use to pass InputLocalEnvironment as the above procedure will obviously through an error. CREATE PROCEDURE doStuff ( IN inputLocalEnvironment DataType)If someone ...Read more

messagebroker - Can Message Broker 7.0 running on z/OS extract/update SQL Server data?

Need your inputs around how to extract and update data from SQL Server 2012 database from Message Broker V7.0 running on Z/OS. We initially thought of using Database Input Node of MB. But as MB 7 on z/OS doesn't seem to support SQL Server as per IBM 7.0 info center (, would there have to be some custom code / custom node to connect to SQL Server? Any Ideas around this topic would be greatly appreciated....Read more

messagebroker - IIB9 Message Flow Unable To Reconnect To SQL Server After Database Restart

I am using IIB, in which I have created a message flow which is connecting to the SQL server Database (version 2012) to insert records in the tables.The code is written to interact with DB every 1 min.In case when the Database goes down, the broker is throwing the below error (which is as expected), but when the db comes up, it still throws the same error, instead of connecting back, until I restart the flow. Root SQL exception -1 /opt/ibm/IE02/2.0.1/lib/ Child SQL exception 16006 6005 [unixODBC][IBM][ODBC SQL Serve...Read more

messagebroker - Trying to add special character (%) sign to variable with following concatenation sign in ESQL, it gives me the the below error

Trying to add special character (%) sign to variable with following concatenation sign, but it gives me the the error: Invalid characters.DECLARE Percent CHARACTER CAST ( ' %' AS CHARACTER CCSID 1208);SET AlocatedAmount = 45SET InPercent = AlocatedAmount||'%'Result should be: InPercent = 45%Error:Invalid characters::45 %What's going wrong here?...Read more