Unable to install pymgclient for memgraphdb

I am trying to install pymgclient for memgraphdb. I am following the instructions mentioned at this link:https://memgraph.github.io/pymgclient/introduction.htmlIn the first step, it says we have to run the following commands inside the source directory.$ python3 setup.py build$ python3 setup.py installHowever, inside the src directory of the mgclient folder, there is no setup.py file. Where can I find that setup.py file?...Read more

memgraphdb - Memgraph database questions: replication, partitioning, parallelizing, graph storage

I am currently researching Memgraph, and I have a few questions:1) Do you provide replication and sharding/partitioning of data?2) Can queries be parallelized to allow larger analytics queries to be faster?3) Are edges stored with the vertex, or is there some efficient way to extract an adjacency list?4) Are properties stored with the vertex and edge? I guess both ways can have performance benefits and deficits.Thanks for your help,Emanuel...Read more