meditation zazen - Does Dogen bring good news?

As I understand it, Dogen says that, at least for those new to seated meditation, there is no enlightenment outside seated meditation.Well, to me that if true that's awful! No speech, no writing, no solidarity, etc.? I think it's this that is the stumbling block along the buddha way, for me.Does it even have an answer?...Read more

meditation zazen - The mind during Shikantaza

In Soto-Zen Buddhism there is a sitting meditation known as Shikantaza which is the art of just-sitting. My question, what techniques are given to Soto-Zen practitioners to prevent the mind from being "sticky" or "stuck" during Shikantaza. For example, I have been told by some practitioners that they would call sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and mind as objects. By referring to the six sense organs as objects they disconnect themselves from the object to prevent the formation of subject. Although it sounds interesting that doesn't sound like...Read more

meditation zazen - Is this a passable translation of Dogen's "without thinking"?

His, Dogen's, Fukanzazengi, says Think of not-thinking. How do you think of not-thinking? Be before thinking. These are the basics of zazen.I haven't, I think, been formally taught zazen. But how does this sound, as a paraphrase:think of thinking which is no longer thoughtBecause, taken literally, I feel that it is a very good way of looking at our relationship to history, when we cannot do anything about it....Read more

meditation zazen - Shikantaza vs counting breath

As we know, in soto-shu we don't count nor observe the breath during zazen.I would like people who have a long experience with zazen meditation to explain if they consider that counting and observing the breath was helpful to progress in their meditation practice or not. Should a beginner start with counting breathing rather then go straight into shikantaza practice ?...Read more