mechanical assembly - best adhesive for FR4 to aluminum

I am making my own LED bulbs (for wedge-base sockets in a low-voltage application). A key construction detail requires me to cement a small (roughly 3/8" x 1") piece of FR4 circuit board (which plugs into a wedge-base socket and holds a couple of small components) to an aluminum "star" (a thermal substrate for the LED emitter itself): FR4 will be perpendicular to the star, with the narrow 3/8" edge of the FR4 against the back of the star.The Osram Os...Read more

mechanical assembly - Colliding fasteners in electronics retrofit project

I have a mechanical problem with securing a Mini PCIe card into an adapter which then goes into a legacy product's connector.Look carefully at the orange PCB in the picture below and you'll notice that the screw passes through a cranked out "wing" that sticks out of the side of the adapter and fouls the pillar in the legacy product...If I tilt the adaptor by 1.85 degrees or so then I can clear the pillar but I'd rather have the Mini PCIe laying parallel to the carrier board if possible.Our normal method is to use M2.5 machine screws, nuts and w...Read more

mechanical assembly - screws and nuts

I recently bought such screw:and I would like to use that screw to mount some items on a PCB. Would it be possible to use any type of nut with such type of screws? If it is not the case, it is for sure I can use Hex screw and hex nut. Could you please tell me what other type of screws and nuts I can use?...Read more

Assembly a custom mini-B USB connector

I've bought packages of this connector from Digikey. However, according to the manufacturer, the crimp tool for the USB cable onto these connectors are no longer sold. For the DIY hobbyists out there, I would like to read about your suggestions on crimping the kit onto the USB cable after soldering is complete. Thanks!...Read more