massachusetts - Do I have to legally change my address, car registration, license info, etc. if I am renting in MA but working in RI?

I have been unable to find a definitive answer online and was hoping someone on here could help.I currently live in RI with my parents and fiance. All of my documentation and hers have our RI addresses, hers with her parents, mine with mine. We are moving to MA, renting an apartment on a year lease. We both work in RI. We are planning to buy a house in the future in MA, just renting for now. Do we have to change our legal address to MA? And all the other paperwork?I read a lot of this, but it is more so talking about temporarily moving and work...Read more

No law against false imprisonment in Massachusetts?

A couple of weeks ago a cab driver refused to let me out of his cab. In the aftermath of that incident, I went to look up the laws in Massachusetts on false imprisonment and could not find any law against it. I know that in some states false imprisonment is a felony, but I could not find any Massachusetts statute making it a crime.Am I missing something or is false imprisonment not a crime in Massachusetts?...Read more

massachusetts - Do you have to disclose you are recording a call that is already being recorded?

I'm calling my credit card to dispute being charged twice for something. When I start to hold for an operator I'm prompted that the call may be recorded for whatever reason.If I also want to record the conversation for my own records, do I have to disclose that? IMO they are consenting to being recorded by recording the call, but they never specifically said I could record....Read more

massachusetts - How can I make sure that a house is clear of workmen's liens?

Is there a legal process I can undertake (like advertising in the paper) to clear any workmen's liens on a house that I am planning to buy?In other words, the situation I am trying to avoid is buying the house, then some plumber showing up a year later claiming that he did work on the house and he never got paid. Obviously the debt belongs to the previous owner, not me, so I assume the workman loses his chance to attach the property at some point. What point is that?...Read more