china - If Germany is the largest exporter, why do Chinese products pervade the the US market?

Despite Germany being the third larger exporter in the world, I have not once seen German products on online retail sites such as, NewEgg, BestBuy, or any retailer in the US really. Why is this the case? Amazon in particular is plagued with Chinese counterfeits, so why haven't market forces led to the appearance of an Amazon alternative, focused on original German (or Japanese) products, for customers that are more quality-sensitive than price-sensitive?...Read more

What is the name for a market where everyone is basically selling the same thing?

Consider the market for retail banking. Everyone is governed by the same interest rates, and it's not like one bank can offer something remarkably different from the others.Retail pharmacies are the same way. They're all selling the same drugs.In these markets, competitors have less "room to maneuver" when competing. They have to differentiate based on intangibles like service and amenities. They can't actually change the product.It's like a 100-yard race. How do you win? You run faster than everyone else...full stop. There's no strategy. There...Read more

markets - Is Buy X sell Y equivalent to sell (y-x)?

Suppose I have 2 trading strategies that independently comes to a conclusion, that in a market day, I am supposed to Buy X shares of Stock A and Sell Y Shares of the same stock A. Now, this need to be executed in the market. I can either do: (WLOG Assume Y>X)Buy X shares of Stock A and sell Y shares of Stock A (or)Sell (Y-X) shares of Stock A.Both will get me to the desired position by the end of the market day. What are the advantages of doing (1) over (2) or vice versa.Some points I could think of:Transaction cost of (2) will be less than (1)...Read more

markets - How profitable is selling your customer base?

I'm currently in the process (early process) of trying to get a product into the market. I am a college student with a heavy, background in computer hardware and software. As I began my research, I started to study market disruption and successful crowdfunding campaigns, and the cornerstone of almost every one of those is a large social media/ media presence, filled with loyal followers and hungry reporters. I came up with a good company name tonight, and while looking for a site to check if the name was trademarked, I noticed that in almost al...Read more