swisscomdev - What is the default server characterset in mariadb inside the Swisscom Cloud and how can it be changed?

This is a request for clarification concerning the Swisscom Cloud MariaDB Service. This is not about the generic MariaDB default charactersets. I would like to know what the default character_set_server for the MariaDB Service on the Swisscom Cloud is defined as.Assuming that it is actually latin1, I would like to know if this default can be changed (to utf-8 or more accurately utf8mb4 as it is for the debian mariadb package).The main reason for my question is that I am having trouble creating backups that can easily be re-imported and I am get...Read more

etcd - ICp Installation failed with error TASK [master: Waiting for MariaDB service to start]

I am installing ICp and I received an error at the TASK [master: Waiting for MariaDB service to start] msg: The MariaDB component failed to start.After this msg the installation completed with failed status.We are installing ICp with 3 Masters, 3 Proxies and 2 Workers. We have 1 IP for VIP master and 1 for VIP proxy.I tried to install multiple times and all installations got the same error....Read more

mariadb - Galera replication ignore table

With normal Mysql replication we can ignore tables with: replicate_ignore_tableI can't find any information on whether or not it's possible to do this with Galera cluster replication.I'd like to ignore a table that is not important so that no cluster wide locks have to be acquired when performing an action on the database....Read more

Configure slave replication for MariaDB Galera

MariaDB 10.2.10+Centos 7.I have configured the MariaDB Galera Cluster with HAProxy, and tested successfully.For backup, I wanted to add one async replication slave for the Galera cluster, but failed.Below is my action:After all galera cluster actions were done, I added below configuration under each galera node's /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf's [mysqld] section:[mysqld]log_binlog_slave_updatesgtid_strict_modeserver_id=1 [galera]wsrep_gtid_modeand added below configuration under each slave node's /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf's [mysqld] section:[mysqld]bi...Read more

DR setup for MariaDB Galera Clusters

I have two MariaDB Galera Cluster with 3 nodes.Cluster 1 : MDB-01,MDB-02,MDB-03Cluster 2 : MDBDR-01,MDBDR-02,MDBDR-03These two clusters are in two different data centers which are in two geographical regions.Cluster 1 is PRODUCTION cluster and Cluster 2 is DR clusterAsynchronous replication using GTID has been setup between MDB-01 to MDBDR-01as per given configuration in the link : is asynchronous replication between MariaDB Ga...Read more

Asynchrous replication in MariaDB Galera Cluster

Datacenter DC1 and Datacenter DC2 are 60 miles apart and Datacenter DC3 is 600 miles apart from DC1 and DC2.I would like to have 3 node MariaDB Galera Custer,one node in each data center.Data Center MariaDB Galera NodeDC1 : MDB01DC2 : MDB02DC2 : MDB03Because of MariaDB Galera Cluster multi-master synchronous replication nature, transaction has to wait till it replicates to all the three nodes.There will be latency because of MDB03 node which is in datacenter DC3 which is 600 miles from the other two nodes.Therefore I would...Read more

Is mariaDB INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE safe to use with Galera replication?

Is mariaDB INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE safe to use with Galera replication?I have found that it is not safe with Row based replications + master masterWhy mysql INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE can break RBR replication on a master / master configurationBut I cannot find how this relates to Galera replication.Can Galera cluster be configured, so this operation will always work, or can I use somethig else than INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE?My use case is as given below:INSERT into logData (logKey, month_of_year) values(:logKey,:month_o...Read more

MariaDB Galera cluster: are replicate-do-db filters applied before or after data sent?

I would like to synchronize only some databases on a cluster, with replicate-do-db.→ If I use the Galera cluster, are all data sent over the network, or are nodes smart enough to only fetch their specific databases?On "classic" master/slave MariaDB replication, filters are made by the slave, causing network charge for nothing if you don't replicate that database. You have to configure a blackhole proxy to filter binary logs to avoid this (setup example), but the administration after is not really easy. So it would be perfect with a cluster...Read more

Unable to bootstrap MariaDB 10.1 Galera Cluster on Centos 7

I follow this instruction for installing MariaDB 10.1 Galera Cluster on CentOS 7.The following is my galera configuration in /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf[galera]# Mandatory settingswsrep_on=ONwsrep_provider=/usr/lib64/galera/libgalera_smm.sowsrep_cluster_address='gcomm://,'wsrep_cluster_name='galera'wsrep_node_address=''wsrep_node_name='galera1'wsrep_sst_method=rsyncbinlog_format=rowdefault_storage_engine=InnoDBinnodb_autoinc_lock_mode=2bind-address=0.0.0....Read more

mariadb install failure: make (Mac OSX 10.6.8)

I'm not really sure how to proceed. The make step failed:error: ‘strnlen’ was not declared in this scope make[2]: *** [storage/connect/CMakeFiles/connect.dir/xobject.cpp.o] Error 1 make[1]: *** [storage/connect/CMakeFiles/connect.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2Here is some more of the output:~/Downloads$ tar xvfz mariadb-10.0.15.tar.gz ……=====BUILD======~/Downloads/mariadb-10.0.15$ cmake . -DBUILD_CONFIG=mysql_release-- Running cmake version 3.1.0-- The C compiler identification is GNU 4.2.1-- The CXX compiler identification ...Read more

Installation of MariaDB on Centos 6.5 X86_64

When i am installing MariaDB on Centos 6.5 via "yum install MariaDB-server MariaDB-client" then server shown the "Transaction Check Error: file /usr/share/mysql/czech/errmsg.sys from install of MariaDB-server-10.0.9-1.el6.i686 conflicts with file from package mysql-libs-5.5.36-1.el6.remi.x86_64 file /usr/share/mysql/danish/errmsg.sys from install of MariaDB-server-10.0.9-1.el6.i686 conflicts with file from package mysql-libs-5.5.36-1.el6.remi.x86_64 file /usr/share/mysql/dutch/errmsg.sys from install of MariaDB-server-10.0.9-1.el6.i686 confl...Read more

federated table - 'Error on remote system: 0 'when using FederatedX on MariaDB

I am using MariaDB 10.1 64x and experiencing error with FederatedX engine.First, I create an server:CREATE SERVER AAA_fedForeign data Wrapper mysql_1OPTIONS ( User 'user1', password 'password', host 'x.x.x.x', Port 3306, database 'AAA' );and then create federated table using connection to the server. CREATE TABLE table1 ENGINE = FEDERATED CONNECTION='AAA_fed';The table is created successfully, but when selecting data from it, it response an error: Error Code: 1296. Got error 10000 'Error on remote system: 0: ' from FEDERATED...Read more

How to create a federated table in MariaDB without specifying columns

I am trying to use the Federated engine of MariaDB 10.1.12 to create tables that are based on tables in a remote database. Following the MariaDB instructions about how to use the FederatedX implementation, in database db1 I create a table asCREATE TABLE test_table ( id int(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', other int(20) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY name (name), KEY other_key (other))DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;Now when I want to see this table in a second database db2 using the Federated ...Read more

MariaDB FEDERATED text column

I created a FEDERATED database on a Centos 7 with MariaDB 5.5.44 from a db located on a Centos 6.x with Mysql 5.1.69. Updating value for a TEXT column from Centos 7 - MariaDb returns no error but does not update column value.Update works fine with varchar & int.Does anyone encoutered this issue and have some information about it ? ThanksNicolas(copied from comment and prettyprinted...)CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS session ( session int(11) NOT NULL, session_name varchar(32) COLLATE latin1_general_ci DEFAULT NULL, om_utilisateur int...Read more

MariaDB (/usr/include/mysql and libmysqlclient) vs (/usr/include/mariadb libmariadbclient and libmariadb)

First, let me clarify everything here is MariaDB - nothing actually involving the MySQL code.In Arch Linux, I'm running a MariaDB server and client. I installed the mariadb package which is built from the source at: provides:/usr/include/mysql/* (141 .h files)/usr/lib/ (I see this is for embedding a MariaDB server in an application which I don't need, so I'll ignore that for the rest of my message.)I have C++ application...Read more