marginnote - writing on the inner margin - TeX

I have some lecture notes where margin notes are used. Now I would like to mark some of the theorem or proofs as important. To to this I would like to add some "icon" (maybe just some star symbol) on the margin. Since notes are on the outer margin I would like to use the inner margin. I tried by using \reversemarginpar but with no success see MWE below. Sometimes the stars go on one margin sometimes on the other. Moreover I would like the stars to be aligned with the "Theorem" or "Proof" line, instead they are below or above.Is there a way to p...Read more

marginnotes: top-alignement for marginnotes - TeX

How can I get top-alignement for marginnotes?I tried optional commands like heightadjust, deptadjust - without succes.By the way: I need to use to use the marginnote-package.\documentclass[fontsize=9pt, paper=a5]{scrreprt}%\usepackage{showframe}\usepackage[]{marginnote} % heightadjust deptadjust parboxrestore\renewcommand*{\marginfont}{\sffamily\bfseries\footnotesize}\usepackage{blindtext}\begin{document}\chapter{First Chapter}{\Huge Huge to highlight the align effect.} \marginnote{121}\blindtext \marginnote{122} \blindtext\end{document}...Read more

marginnote - Sideway formula as margin note - TeX

How to arrange the equation sideway in the margin?\documentclass{scrartcl}\usepackage[showframe, textwidth=8cm, textheight=5cm]{geometry}\usepackage{mathtools}\usepackage{marginnote}\begin{document}\noindent X\dotfill X%\begin{align*} \sin^2 \theta &= 1-\cos^2 \theta\marginnote{$\cos^2\theta+\sin^2\theta=1$ } \\ c &= d \end{align*} \end{document}...Read more

marginnote - Dealing with many margin notes - TeX

I have to typeset a book that contains a lot of side material (comments, notes, references, supplementary explanations, ...) that I want to appear alongside the main material.At first, I thought of using the tufte-latex class, which reserves quite a large space for margin notes. Unfortunately, I have to use a b5 paper size, which does not allow for too large margin notes. Also, I do not like that when there are no margin notes, there would be a lot of "white" space on the page.My idea was to create a type of "side note" that will share the same...Read more

marginnote - How to trigger the marginal note in two column layout - TeX

I am using marginal note package in two column layout. The below mentioned command does not trigger the two column left and right side.\ifodd\value{page}\if@firstcolumn\reversemarginpar\else\normalmarginpar\fi\else\if@firstcolumn\reversemarginpar\else\normalmarginpar\fi\fiThis if then else condition does not working for me.MWE \documentclass[twocolumn]{article}\usepackage{multicol}\usepackage{lipsum}\usepackage{marginnote}\makeatletter\let\oldmarginnote\marginnote\renewcommand*{\marginnote}[1]{% \begingroup% \ifodd\value{page} \if@fi...Read more

marginnote - Margin notes aren't next to text - TeX

Good morning.I would like to get margin notes next to text. When I do it it's right but when I write a text margin notes change position (the picture below) . How to fix it?Thanks for help. \documentclass[10pt,a6paper]{book}%46paper\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[main=english,slovak]{babel}\usepackage[cm]{fullpage}\usepackage{marginnote}\usepackage[top=10mm, bottom=10mm, outer=30mm, inner=10mm, heightrounded, marginparwidth=25mm, marginparsep=2mm]{geometry}\usepackage{tipa}\usepackage{multirow}\usepackage{color}\usepackage{longtable}\use...Read more

Left marginnote does not work - TeX

I badly need to have marginal notes on the left margin. The command \marginpar does not work.Supposedly, \marginnote works, and this needs the marginnote package.OK, I tried, but nothing happens.Here is the LaTeX code:\documentclass{article} \usepackage{marginnote}\begin{document}This is normal text. \marginnote[left]{right}\end{document}Unfortunately, anything I put on the [left] field is ignored. Any help would be greatly appreciated!...Read more

Prevent marginnote from creating extra paragraph - TeX

I use the marginnote package to create, well, margin notes. However, I observe some unwanted behavior when adding a note directly after a section heading, or between section headings. It seems like the command creates an empty paragraph, which is undesired, since it leads to extra whitespace or indentation.MWE:\documentclass{article}\usepackage{marginnote}\begin{document}\section{Testsection}\marginnote{Oops! Some extra whitespace.}\subsection{Testsubsection}But at least no indentation.\section{Testsection2}\subsection{Testsubsection2}\marginno...Read more

How can I put marginnotes next to each other? - TeX

I’m typesetting a part of the bible and want to put the verse numbers at the margin rather than typesetting them inline. To separate a verse I use an asterisk.When it comes to very short verses, sometimes two verses start in the same line, so that I have two marginnotes on top of each other. Using marginpars is no option because they are stacked vertically and that confuses the reader.At the moment, I proof-read the text and add some extra space. However if I change anything in linewidth or font size I have to proof-read again because the situa...Read more

marginnote - Adjust the vertical position of margin notes to the baseline of the body text - TeX

I want the first line of my margin notes—which are set in \small size—to be at the height of the baseline of the body text, like this:My problem is that using something simple like\documentclass{article}\usepackage{marginnote}\renewcommand{\marginfont}{\small}\begin{document}What can I do to align the first line of the marginnote?\marginnote{D-D-D-Drop the baseline!}\end{document}results in...Read more

Two consecutive marginnotes printed over each other - TeX

When using the marginnote package and writing two \marginnote{text} fields directly after each other, the two nodes clash into each other. MWE:\documentclass{memoir}\usepackage{marginnote}\begin{document}\marginnote{first}\marginnote{second test}\end{document}which results in:Can this be fixed, so that the second marginnotes automatically is vertically moved -- that is, without using the optional argument to manually move it?I'm actually trying to create a custom citation command, based on the alphabetic-style-cite-command. I want the citation ...Read more

marginnote - Repeat margin note for every page within section - TeX

Basically, I want to add chapter/section thumbs to my document but I do not like the thumbs from the thumbs package. What I have been trying to do is make my own thumbs using tikz and marginnote. For the start of every section, I add a chapter thumb by simply adding a marginnote just after section. For the next section, I do the same, but I shift the note slightly lower so that the thumbs are separate. I would like to know if it is possible to repeat these marginnotes if the sections are longer than one page, and if so, how. I have an example o...Read more

marginnote - How to make marginenote text fully justified? - TeX

This MWE example, compiled with lualatex\documentclass[11pt]{book}\usepackage{blindtext}\usepackage{marginnote}\usepackage{showframe}\usepackage[letterpaper,outer=1.8in,bindingoffset=6mm,top=1in,bottom=.85in]{geometry}\begin{document}\marginnote{\blindtext}\Blindtext\end{document}givesI tried add this line before the command \renewcommand*{\raggedrightmarginnote}{\centering} and get this (still not fully justified )I tried the commands shown on page 2 of the documentation, but now I get an errorMWE\documentclass[11pt]{book}\usepackage{blindtext...Read more