- How do you cope with tons of web fonts when copying and pasting from web pages?

Whenever I copy something from the web and paste it in my Mail or Evernote, or Apple Notes, it always brings the text style from the page and inserts those weird looking fonts in my mail, or notes.My solution for that is to paste it in a plain text editor, VIM in my case, and then copy and paste where I need it to get rid of the style. It's pretty elaborate process, especially when I need to copy/paste often during research.I'm wondering how other people cope with the fonts, and what's a better solution?...Read more

mojave - Prevent from opening in split view

After installing macOS Mojave, always opens in split view when I am in a fullscreen space. Two examples:I am in fullscreen Safari and click a mailto link: an email composition window opens in split view.I am in any other fullscreen space and I click a notification of a new mail: the mail opens in split view.Is there any way of preventing that from happening and instead opening in a normal window?...Read more - Automator service not showing in services menu

I know next to nothing about the OS X, but I've been asked to make a few different scripts for actions in Apple Mail. One is to bind a hotkey that will create a reminder with a followup time of two business days. I followed a guide on how to build the script and insert it into Automator found here. The script works when running in the AppleScript application, and compiles and runs in Automator. The service/workflow generated by Automator is saved to ~/Library/Services/ but does not show in the services menu in Apple Mail. This article says...Read more - Can't update my mail password on Macbook Air

I recently changed my Gmail password, and as expected, the mail app can't log in to that account anymore. It says "Login Failed" in the top right. The problem is, I can't figure out how to update the password so it works again. When I go to "accounts" in "preferences", there's literally no password field. It lists Description, Alias, Email Address, Full Name, Incoming Mail Server, User Name, Outgoing Mail Server, TLS Certificate. That's it.When I try to "add account" in the file menu, I type in my info and it of course says that account has alr...Read more

sort - How can I get to go to the item below a deleted item in my inbox?

When I'm reviewing mail, I like to have my most recent on top, and I work backwards in time (i.e., down the list). But when I delete an item, rather than going to the next lower item in the list (like Outlook does), it goes to the closest item that's newer. Because it's based on always going to the closest item that's newer, I can't even get the desired behavior in going from new to old by reversing my sort order.Am I missing a preference somewhere, or do I really have to either hit the down arrow after each delete, or work from oldest to ne...Read more - Mail app opens randomly in MacOS 10.14.5

I have mail app open in background i.e. no window open. A new window randomly pops up without any conscious trigger by me. No new mail would have come. Once it happened while I was in full screen mode of another app and the mail app split the window in half and got opened. This happens even when I am working in non Full-screen mode.I presume that it has connection with notifications but other reasons are also welcome. Once, it popped up above other apps, and some accounts were transitioning from offline to online state. I cannot confirm about ...Read more - How to change "display name" for email contact in mac mail?

Ive got an email contact with the email address , but for some reason in the "display name" for their email address in OSX mac mail, it shows up as "Studio - Example". Here is what happens when i input the email address :If i right click the "display name, i can "edit address"Which will open the text edit options in the screenshot below, which works for this time, but next time i enter the email address again, i get the same issue.Any ideas ?...Read more - How can I disable inline attachment previews (i.e. view as icon by default) in Mac Mail in macOS Mojave?

I would like to disable inline attachment previews by default, and instead view all attachments as icons in Mac's Mail app in macOS Mojave.In High Sierra, the following terminal command was sufficient:defaults write DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yesHowever this command does not work in Mojave.How can I accomplish this in Mojave?...Read more - Stuck Apple Mail - how to reset?

i received a message with my Apple Mail that was obviously too "heavy" for my hardware (no malware just too many nested and forwarded mails inside one message - bad luck in a way)And now Apple Mail freezes each time I start or restart it (after rebooting the complete machine, or/and the program) and shows me the folder "trash" where this particular message that occured the freezing is into.Is there any chance that I can (re)set the default folder that is shown when opeining mail to inbox e.g. instead of the last folder open ?How would I do tha...Read more Won't Change Message Font Size

macOS Sierra 10.12.6, 10.3, I can change the size of the message list font in Mail > Preferences > Fonts & Colors, and the change is reflected in's message list. However, changes to the message font are not reflected by a change in the message display. This behavior appears on two computers, a Macbook Pro 7,1 (mid-2010) and a Macbook Air 6,1 (mid-2013). Both computers' software is updated. In all other respects, both computers operate correctly.Is there a cache or plist to clear or something else to do to allow the message...Read more