Magmi import: Add To Cart Button not showing

I have managed to make a csv which imports my products using magmi into my magento store. All works well but the buy now buttons don't appear unless I go to the product and click save. I've tried reindexing or clearing the cache but nothing seems to work. Any further ideas. The same happens when i send an update import.I'm using the up to date magento/magmi.Hi,I'm using this sample. I've already tried to update an randomly attribute of many products, to act like an "mass save", but it won't works too....Read more

Magmi import not saving msrp, not sure why?

I'm using Magmi to import products into my store and it is working absolutely brilliantly, except that the MSRP value is not getting saved for some reason. The file imports without any errors but when I go into the catalog manager and actually look at the product, the msrp value is 0.00 regardless of what value is in the file. As far as I can tell, the column name should be "msrp", so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help me out? It's probably something totally obvious that I'm missing but I'm at a loss. Thanks!Here's the test ...Read more

Magmi import doesn't remove the products

I have been using Magmi to import products by adding items to the file " export_all_products.csv" without any problemsBut when I have products that need to be remove,what I did was by removing the whole row in that product line in the csv file and upload it using magmi, but the products that I want to delete is still there and sometimes duplicated, is there a way to get it done or can I empty some tables in the database in phpmyadmin before I do the import?Thanks so much...Read more

magmi - valueremapper does not read the csv file

Currently I'm strugling with the valueremapper option within the value replacer plugin of MAGMI. Somehow he get's the item id from my current column(Category_copy), but it does not map it to the correct value in the corresponding csv located on my website. (remapcategories.csv). It seems that he is not using the csv.My case:I create a new field category_ids. And as a value I put in: {{ ValueRemapper::use_csv('')->map({item.Category_copy}) }}My csv file looks like this. There is no markup, no quotes and ...Read more

Magmi Attribute Set Importer dont set product attribute

When importing with Magmi and set Attribute Set Importer on, it does not to set the corresponding product attribute on the product itself.I've read many posts, but no one seems to have this problem. Any clue what I'm doing wrong? Magento: 0.7.22Attribute Set Importer: 0.0.2Content of the import files:Products file:sku,attribute_set,name,type,configurable_attributes,mycolor,status,weight,price,simples_skus,super_attribute_pricing01111,"testset","product1b","simple","mycolor","red",1,0,11,,01211,"testset","product2b","simple","mycol...Read more

Magmi Import: Not able to set product status to 'Disabled'

I am trying to set the status of a set of products to 'Disabled' using magmi import csv. Even though I don't get any error, the product status is not changed in back-end and I am able to see the product in the front-end. I do have stock of these products, so I have retained the attribute 'qty' as a positive value. What could I be doing wrong? Please guide me - I am new to Magento and magmi.PS: With the same csv, I am able to set status to 'Enabled', if it was previously 'Disabled' manually from admin panel....Read more

Magmi plugin execution order

I am using the Magmi Datapump API and Axel Norvell's Item Disabler plugin and I can't seem to get that plugin's afterImport method to be called prior to the standard Reindexer plugin's afterImport method.According to the Magmi wiki, the order is dependent on the plugin filenames, thus I would expect magmi_itemdisabler_plugin to come before magmi_reindexing_plugin but it isn't happening that way for me.Thinking it possible the pathnames might impact it, I tried moving the Item Disabler plugin into the "base" plugins directory instead of "extra" ...Read more

Magmi import error

trying out the Magmi importer. Saved a file under the /var/import directory, which is found by Magmi and displayed in the dropdown of the file to import section, but when I run the import process I get the error message "NO FILE"....Read more

Magmi error when importing Dataflow export

Troubleshooting Magmi by way of the least-common-denominator, I exported a framework CSV from one Magento site with Dataflow, then immediately re-imported it with Magmi on another Magento site. I got an error:CSV Datasource v1.2 - warning: line 1 , wrong column number : 25 found over 1, line skippedI'm guessing there is something in the site's Magmi setup that I can't quite see, that is controlling any other imports? This second site already uses Magmi to import products on a nightly basis. I see the error above using both its established profi...Read more

Magmi 0.7.22 won't properly import and index url keys in Magento EE 1.13.1

I cannot find a concrete answer after an exhaustive search and I really need an answer to this question:Does Magmi 0.7.22 support url key imports into EE 1.13.1? On older Magmi versions, it would not import the url key into the proper table for EE url keys:catalog_product_entity_url_keycatalog_url_rewrite_product_clThe only place I could find the url key was in admin, and that was due to the fact it was in the catalog_product_entity_varchar table, which makes sense.But, when I reindex, the entry is not created in enterprise_url_rewrite. Perplex...Read more

Magmi import error - SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value

When I try to import products via magmi I got this errorSQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: 'No' for column 'value' at row 2 -Can I know what should I check?magmi 0.7.21 Magento 1.8.1 group productsku attribute_set type grouped_skus website _product_websites amxnotif_hide_alert card_artist card_color card_converted_mana_cost card_expansion card_format card_loyalty card_name_english card_name_en card_number card_power card_rarity card_finish card_toughness image image_label language name ...Read more

'Special Price' comes up after the price update through MAGMI

After I update prices via Magmi, I get the old price displayed as a 'Special price' and the new price (from the update) as an 'old', crossed off price. I have tried with few different fields, all seems to be working perfectly fine (stock levels, some other settings) except for the price. When I edit the affected stock through Magento 'manage stock', all setting are fine there, the price seems to be updated no problems, even that 'special price' field is blank (?), so I don't really know what is happening here... when I click 'save' it goes back...Read more

magmi - generic sql datasource 1.0.2 usage

Some questions arises when using MAGMI generic SQL datasource. Magmi 0.7.18 displays the following input information when using that plugin:I tried several times with two approaches. -the first one as described on the image was a direct query to the mysql database containing all rows to feed magento database using magmi. (no files on genericsql/requests)-the second one using .sql file exported from my database and placing that file into (genericsql/requests).in both cases I received the following statement: 1 warning(s) found Hide Details -> "N...Read more