magento - Magmi Datapump API - Item not showing in store

When I add a product with Magmi Datapump API, the product shows up in the Manage Products page but the product is not visible in the store.I open the product in the Manage Products page for editing and just hit save and the product shows up in the store. Is Magento doing some stuff in the backend when I save the product manually?Also, when I save the product manually I get this message:The export profile-product relations has been updated.This meesage was not there before....Read more

Understanding Magento Block and Block Type

I just want to understand the meaning of <block type="page/html" name="root" output="toHtml" template="example/view.phtml">I got many references from Google and understood many things about it but I am still unable to understand the formation of type="page/html" how to form a type for my custom module. Please explaintype="A/B"Let me know where this A and B come from?...Read more

magento - I cannot find where the static blocks are stacking up from on my home page

<block type="page/html_wrapper" name="top.container" as="topContainer" translate="label"> <label>Page Header</label> <action method="setElementClass"><value>top-container</value></action> <block type="core/template" name="pageHeader" template="page/html/topcontainer.phtml"> <block type="core/template" name="page.header" template="page/html/page_header.phtml"/> <block type="page/html_breadcrumbs" name="breadcrumbs" as="breadcru...Read more

magento - Removing a block nested in a block via the local.xml file

I'm trying to use my local.xml file (where I do all my updates to the layout) to remove a block that is nested in another block. I can easily remove a block via the <remove> tag, or using the unsetChild method, but I can't seem to remove a block that is nested in another block.Here is the line of code I am trying to remove (located in the customer.xml file). In particular, it's the block called "customer_account_dashboard_newsletter"<customer_account_index translate="label"> <label>Customer My Account Dashboar...Read more

magento - Declare two custom blocks.

I know that in order to create a new custom block we have to add this part to the config.xml file: <blocks> <products1> <class>Company_Namespace_Block</class> </products1></blocks>This goes for creating a single custom block. But what if I want to create more than one custom blocks. How should I declare them then? Something like this?<blocks> <products1> <class>Company_Namespace_Block</class> </products1> <products2> ...Read more

static - custom layout for all categories page magento

I want to display subcategory images on category page over products.1. I have created category_listing.phtml with custom code to show subcategories2. Created a static block {{block type="core/template" template="catalog/navigation/category_listing.phtml"}}On category display setting I have selected 'static block and products'.say i have three categoriescategory 1category 2category 3if i select static block for one category only perfect but if i call static block in more than one category it shows wrong subcategories unless i delete cache every...Read more

Magento custom module block not working

I'm calling my custom module block in cms page using{{block type="customreviews/reviews" name="customreviews_reviews" template="Customreviews/reviews.phtml"}}My module config file is as follows:<config><modules> <Suave_Customreviews> <version>0.0.1</version> </Suave_Customreviews></modules><global> <models> <customreviews> <class>Suave_Customreviews_Model</class> </customreviews> </models> <blocks> <...Read more

templates - Magento, Static Block won't render?

this is my local.xml<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><layout> <default> <reference name="root"> <block type="core/text_list" name="banner" as="banner" translate="label"> <label>Banner Area</label> </block> </reference> <reference name="bannerblock"> <block type="core/template" name="bannerblock" template="banner.phtml" /> </reference> </default></layout>this is my 1column.phtm...Read more

templates - Use of layout in Magento

As I have seen for each Template file there exists a layout which connect blocks of particular Module. I struggled to understood each pieces in Magento, let me explain what I had done,Consider a Template app\design\frontend\base\default\template\catalog\category\view.phtmlwe have, $_category = $this->getCurrentCategory();this function belongs to Block app\code\core\Mage\Catalog\Block\Category\view.phpWhat Magento's Template does is, it search for Layout instead of Block file,i.e, Inside Layout file, app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\c...Read more

Magento 1.9 - modifying layout

What is the best way of modifying a layout for Magento 1.9? I've been updating layouts using the admin backend but now need to do this programatically. Several articles have mentioned using layout.xml but for some reason, my system isn't picking up the layout updates.Specifically, this is what I'm trying to modify:Original layout<block type="catalog/product_view_options" name="" as="product_options" template="catalog/product/view/options.phtml"> <action method="addOptionRenderer"> <type>t...Read more

magento - Put block before footer with only xml

I do not wan't to edit the template files at all, I just want to put a block above the footer with local.xml and using a custom block file or a static block from the CMS..Is this possible?I have tried adding this but I am not able to use footer.before.before since it is not using the Mage_Core_Block_Text_List <default> <reference name="content" > <block type="core/text_list" name="customblock" as="customblock" after="-" translate="label"> <label>Custom Block</label> </block> ...Read more

Magento My custom module block not show

I'm using Magento and I'm trying to create a module which show a product list. Bellow my current code which doesn't render the block. I hope someone can put me in the right direction how to fix<?xml version="1.0"?><config> <modules> <Envato_Recentproducts> <active>true</active> <codePool>local</codePool> </Envato_Recentproducts> </modules></config>app/code/local/Envato/Recentproducts/etc/config....Read more

content management system - Magento Static block now showing up in CMS Page

Hy ! I'm trying to display the categories on a cms page.I've tried all the solution on the web but none is working for me. The last one i've tried is this.1.I've added this code in content tab of my cms page : {{block type="catalog/navigation" template="catalog/category/list.phtml"}}2.I've created the list.phtml and put the file on app/design/theme-name/template/catalog/category.Here is the code pf my file <?php foreach ($this->getStoreCategories() as $_category): ?> <?php $open = $this->isCategoryActive($_category); ?> ...Read more