mad max fury road - Why didn't max dump the trailer of mother's milk?

For some bizzare reason Mad Max and the gang decide to lug what must be several thousand kg of mother's milk across hundreds of miles of desert. Why didn't they leave the trailer behind so that the cab of the rig could travel far, far faster using far less fuel? It actually makes no sense why they should keep it once Furiosa's cover's been blown. Maybe the fuel pod's hitch isn't compatible with the rig's so Furiosa couldn't trade the pod with the bikers, but they even stop after the canyon, and even then they decide on lugging this tanker. This...Read more

Mad Max Fury Road: How did such sophisticated societies develop in the short time since the apocalypse?

Based on the ages of the actors, and the fact that Max was old enough to be a cop in the "old world", I'm under the impression that less than 20 years has passed since the the apocalypse happened and/or began.Within Immorten Joe's citadel there is a relatively sophisticated, complex society. The war boys are completely indoctrinated in Joe's faux-Norse religion and are willing to sacrifice in their lives in trivial ways to make it to Valhalla. They have a complex style of fighting that would clearly require a lot of training to be effective a...Read more