c - OpenCL: weird kernel behavior

So I'm trying to make heads and tails to get a certain piece of code to work in OpenCL.And since I didn't get the originally intended results I've been trying various ways to figure out what went wrong. So I came up with the code attached below and after successful execution it didn't produce the intended results.The original vision of this code was to execute a specified number of threads and copy the thread number into an array.Threads: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15However the result that I get.Threads: 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 7 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 ...Read more

mac - How to determine the "native" size of a bitmapped font?

I have a couple of bitmapped fonts in the form of *.dfont files. I would like to find out the "native" size(s) for these fonts. By "native" I mean the sizes (in points) of the bitmaps themselves, without any scaling.I thought that Font Book's ⓘ tab would provide this information, but it doesn't (or it is wrong: the only size information it gives is, invariably, "18pt", which I can see is obviously wrong).Is there some other way?...Read more

Windows/Linux keyboard layout & symbols on Mac

I've been a Linux user most of my life and a Windows user during my early days. I've memorized the AZERTY and QZERTY keyboard layouts during the 6 years I've lived in the US, but the Mac keyboard is beyond compromising for me.I now have to code on a Mac at my job and it's going to make me loose my will to live.Command + Shift + 4 for a screenshot.Shift + Alt + 8 for {, are you kidding me?Like, getting used to replacing Control with Command is easy enough muscle memory to change, but the rest seems put there specifically to cause developers psyc...Read more

keyboard - Symbols appear instead of letters/numbers when typing on Mac

Im using a Mac book air and when I try to type something, random weird symbols appear instead of texts. The symbols "Œ„´‰ˇÁ¨ˆØ∏" appear when I try to type "qwertyuiop".I had already found a solution although it is only temporary. I revert my keyboard through following these steps: Open system preferencesSelect accessibilitySelect keyboardEnable sticky keysturn it off Problem solved!However, every time I close my laptop it makes the same error again and I have to fix the accessibility settings each time. Although everything else is working fine ...Read more

mac - Invert number and symbol in keypad

In french keyboard the number is accessible with shift key. I use British keyboard because I found that's more practical to have access on symbols.But I like the idea of having access to the number with the shift key.It's possible to invert the comportment in UK layout ?...Read more

keyboard - My Mac keeps adding double spaces randomly when I type

I'm running Mac Version 10.14.3 on a 15-inch 2018 model.I'm not sure if I received a new update but over that last few days it keeps adding random double spaces as I type.I tried turning off key repeat as suggested on some websites but that hasn't corrected the issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem?I've had this Mac for several months and I never had this issue until a few days ago. I'm not sure if it's software or hardware related....Read more

What is the Mac keyboard key with a symbol ⌅ of an up arrow pointing into a horizontal line?

On a Mac, symbols are often used for keys rather than names. In Adobe Indesign for Mac, the keyboard shortcuts for inserting various break characters are described using what looks like an up arrow / caret / chevron pointing into a flat horizontal line: It's the symbol on the right I'm asking about.After much searching, I found it on the far bottom right of the full-size Apple keyboard. It's the... enter-like key (?) in the bottom right of the numeric keypad.So two related questions:What's it called?Is it possible to trigger this key (for use i...Read more

mac - Caps to Shift Lock

It would be awesome if the caps key could change the numbers to symbols as well. For instance, with caps on, it would be nice if pressing "4" would produce "$". Is there an easy way to do this on mac?Thanks!EDIT: Is there a way to do it with this command "setxkbmap"? Or from the command line somehow?...Read more

mac - Macbook's Arabic keyboard layout mistakes and missing characters!

I'm familiar enough with the Arabic language, but not sure if those points down below are considered to be mistakes from apple designers or not, also I've checked with the official layout of Apple's docs and my mac device! So I'm hopping for a clear answer or more information. Thank you in advance.Missing characters in the keyboard layout.Arabic decimal separator ٫ Shift+ن or K U+066B is not labeled!Arabic thousands separator ٬ Shift+م or L U+066C is not labeled!Apostrophe ' Shift+ظ or Z U+0027 is not labeled!Incorrect layoutGuillemet/Angle quo...Read more

mac - My keyboard (numpad) overwrites everything

I have a Mac mini with High Sierra (10.13.4) with a Windows-keyboard (it has a numpad).Everything went fine for a long time but a few months ago I got a big problem: In many apps (Calculator, Excel, etc.) when I want to write for example "567" with the numpad, the number I push overwrites the last number. So if I push 5, 6 and 7, than instead of "567" it just shows a 7 (because the 6 overwrites the 5, and the 7 overwrites the 6).In some apps however it works fine, for example in TextEdit or Firefox...I probably just pushed some keyboard-shortcu...Read more

mac - macOS Sierra Recovery Mode does not work

I have a Mac mini 2014, running macOS Sierra from a SSD drive, and using an Apple Keyboard M9034 D/A.Since I replaced the rotational hard drive (HDD) with an SSD, I do not see the Apple logo on the screen to show it's loading.The start up shortcuts below do not work:⇧ Shift Start up in Safe Mode; ⌥ Option (alt) Start up to Startup Manager;⌘ CommandS Start up in single-user mode; ⌘ Command R - Start up from macOS Recvery ⌥ Option (alt)⌘ Command R Start up from macOS Recovery over the Internet.The only combination that works is the PRAM reset:a...Read more

mac - Randomly my Mouse Scroll wheel controls volume

I was just doing some productivity on my mac and have my gaming mouse connected to my mac as usual but out of the blue without me changing anything, my mouse wheel is now controlling my volume and if I middle click it plays and pauses. I don't like this and want to change it back. Does anyone know how to fix this...Read more