lorawan - Actility: What does the appKeyEncryptionMode mean?

After registering a device in Actility, we have recently seen the following keys in the API response from Actility/Thingpark: { "appKey":"C2E8A28EC0062EF2C276094A0FACC87F", "appKeyEncryptionMode":"LRC_CLUSTER_KEY", } The Actility API documentation explains the appKey, but not the appKeyEncryptionMode. Does anyone know what it means? What does it tell us?In fact, we have seen that after registering a device with the Thingpark APIs, we observe that the appkey (seen in a response as above) differs from the one we supplied during device regis...Read more

LoRaWAN security: Can the Network Server generate the AppSKey?

I am a little bit confused about the LoRaWAN security mechanism. The NwkSKey is used by both the network server and the end-device to calculate and verify the MIC (message integrity code) of all data messages to ensure data integrity. The AppSKey is an application session key specific for the end-device. It is used by both the application server and the end-device to encrypt and decrypt the payload field of application-specific data messagesSo technically the Network server does not know the AppSKey.What I dont understand is that in th...Read more