OSX System Logs: What would a port scan look like?

Im considering programming a script to scan a system log in search for an entry indicative of a port scan, in doing so, potentially giving me a heads-up if anyone is taking interest in me.I already have a program like this which alerts me through the notification centre on the event of an SSH Authentication failure, however im unsure specifically which system log i would be looking at and what exactly the entry for a detected port scan would look like.There are also some other considerations i must take into account first, such as: does OS X ev...Read more

logs - Visualize Syslog on OSX

I'm looking for a GUI (or terminal if there is no GUI) application that provides the following:Visualization of syslog logs.Filtering: For example, I can filter a particular type of logs, a particular PID, etc..Basically, I have an application that logs to syslog. I want to read these logs comfortably. Console.app only does show the syslog file, which is, not quite different than opening the file in a note pad.Any ideas?...Read more

Why are my crash logs disappearing?

My mid-2010 MacBook Pro was diagnosed with the infamous nVidia graphics card defect (I went to an AppleStore two weeks ago, they ran the video system test, and it failed), and since it manifested later than 3 years after purchase, I do not qualify for the free logic board replacement. Still, I'd like this computer to last one more year, and since I get a crash every two weeks or so, it's viable. However, I'd like to make sure that the problem doesn't get worse, and for that I'd like to use the panic logs to monitor the frequency.Which brings me...Read more

logs - How do I know my mac turns off because of overheating?

My Macbook Pro (Yosemite) early 2011 sometimes unexpectedly turns off when running heavy tasks on battery power. Is there a way to confirm this is because of overheating? Here's a part of system.log from the moment of shutdown. What other logs can I read? Feb 24 08:22:56 macs-MacBook-Pro.local Skype[281]: Failed to get contents of directory "/Users/mac/Library/Logs/Skype". The file “Skype” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. Feb 24 08:24:47 macs-MacBook-Pro systemstatsd[583]: assertion failed: 14C109: systemstatsd + 4269 ...Read more

logs - Activity Logging Level in SFTP

I'm using CentOS, i have already figured out how to enable the SFTP Logging. After that when i test it by using FileZilla (from User-end) and tail -f /var/log/sftp.log from the Server, all the activities from the Users are surely logged. Working great!But i still have some important questions related to this, as below:In the log file, nothing is mentioned about the USERNAME. The USERNAMES are not logged / mentioned anywhere in the LOGS for every single activities (Only the FTP Login / Logout activities are logged, as a single line among million...Read more

logrotate - How do I rotate my application log on Ubuntu?

I'm using Ubuntu Linux 14.04 I'm having trouble with log rotation. I have this file rails@myapp:~$ ls -al myapp/log/production.log-rw-r--r-- 1 rails rails 4522482443 Jun 5 12:11 myapp/log/production.logand I have this in my /etc/logrotate.conf file, /home/rails/myapp/log { daily rotate 4 compress delaycompress missingok notifempty create 644 root root}but my log is never rotated. I know this because I can see entries in the "myapp/log/production.log" file dated from back on May 8th. Every da...Read more

logs - Is it possible to find the serial number of stolen devices using a Mac that they've been connected to?

For a number of devices that were stolen, can I find their serial number on a Mac that I still have and which the devices have been connected to at some point? In other words, are there any applications (or the OS) which might have kept a record of any of these devices' serial number(s)? I'm specifically thinking about:iPodCinema DisplayTime Capsuleanother Maca cameraWould the connections have shown up in a log file somewhere with their serial number included? At least for an iPod, I wouldn't be surprised if its serial number gets recorded by i...Read more

Log everything in OSX (not just what I see in console)

Is there any way I can log everything of what happens in Mac OS X snow leopard and not just what I can see in the console? I can barely see errors logs there, I would like to see which applications asked for which resource in my computer and log all of this activity.How can I do this? Which is the most accurate and in-depth log that I can get of what happens on my computer?...Read more

logs - Hide lines based on multiple patterns

I'm using less to view log files quite a lot and every so often I'd like to filter the output by hiding lines which contains some keywords.In less it's possible to filter-out lines with &!<keyword> but that only works for one keyword at a time.I'd like to specify a list of keywords to filter-out. Is this at all possible?...Read more

logs - Stream text into a file while compressing it

I have an Arduino Nano connected to a Raspberry Pi which streams text data (the output of a GY-91 sensor) to a listener on the Raspberry Pi.P: 974.044 | T: 22.65 | AG: -0.17 -0.10 1.01 | GD: 1.16 0.91 0.98 | MT: -59.0 94.4 105.1P: 974.044 | T: 22.65 | AG: -0.17 -0.10 1.00 | GD: 1.34 0.85 1.04 | MT: -58.3 94.7 105.1P: 974.066 | T: 22.64 | AG: -0.17 -0.10 1.00 | GD: 0.98 1.10 1.04 | MT: -58.5 94.9 104.2P: 974.066 | T: 22.64 | AG: -0.17 -0.10 1.01 | GD: 0.98 0.85 1.16 | MT: ...Read more

opensuse - How to stop firewall from writting logs to /var/log/messages?

I'm running OpenSUSE 11.4. The problem is that I can set easily what to log, but not where to log. And currently the same logs are written to /var/log/firewall and /var/log/messages. I still want messages be written into the first one, but not the second one — it is redundant and it is polluting regular system logs.So how to stop the firewall from writting logs to /var/log/messages?I have /etc/rsyslog.conf, and its contents are:#### Note, that when the MYSQL, PGSQL, GSSAPI, GnuTLS or SNMP modules## (provided in separate rsyslog-module-* package...Read more

pipe - Socat. Bridge TCP - SERIAL PORT. With log

I'm trying to create a bridge between TCP server and a client connected thorough a serial port using socat.I emulate my TCP server with the following commandsocat tcp-listen:8888,reuseaddr -I emulate the serial device with a pty. To create a simple brigde with the following command:socat -d -d TCP:localhost:8888 pty,rawerThis works fine but, I want to log the contents of the messages between the two devices.I have tried to do this with the following command:socat -d -d TCP:localhost:8888 SYSTEM:'tee server.log | socat -d -d - pty | tee client.l...Read more

How to change Console.app log queries' time format

I'd like to change the time format from 12 to 24 hours in the log queries.The logs themselves are already in 24-hour, but the queries show in 12-hour format.I checked asl.conf's man page but I couldn't find an option, nor did perusing the actual file at /private/etc/asl.conf.I also checked the default All Messages query file and a custom one, to no avail, at /Applications/Utilities/Console.app/Contents/Resources/ASLQueries/All Messages.aslquery.Make sure you select View>Show Milliseconds to reproduce it, which seems to override the setting Medi...Read more