creating a list view that displays by time range - Sharepoint 2013

I have created a list of employees that are on call for certain portions of the day. For example:Employee A is on call 2019/04/11 0000-1500 hrs Employee B is on call 2019/04/11 1500-2359 hrsI want the view to only show the person who is on call 'in the moment'. Using the [Today] function shows both employees regardless of what time someone is viewing the list - I would like just the employee that is 'currently on call' according to what the current time is to be displayed.Any suggestions would be appreciated....Read more

List and column visibility in new item form

I created a new list on my site for collecting issues/incidents. I customized columns and I included two that are relevant for developer, but not for testers:Status - used to change from pending/active/resolved/closed/deferredDeveloper comment - used for developers when setting a particular incident to closed or deferredWhen users try to add a new issue a form is presented to them (basically I'm presenting the form in a modal window). but Status and Developer comment fields are also displayed.Is it possible that I hide these two fields in the n...Read more

Programmatically populate form fields (send keystrokes, etc.)

I have thousands of documuments with associated metadata to upload to a library. Unfortunately I do not have the option of writing a program using the Server or Client Object Models, but I would still like to automate the process to the extent possible. I thought that I might use the Win32 API to populate the form controls and then submit the form, but the controls don't seem to have window handles, or I can't find them with Spy++.Is it possible to programmatically populate form controls?...Read more

How do you you remove hyperlink to lookup fields in list form?

I'm referring to the box displayed on the right hand of a list which by default displays a lookup field as a hyperlink.I understand ways around that within list views, but I also want to remove the hyperlink in the list form.Is there a way to display lookup field only as text when it is not necessary to link to the list or field?Team site, classic template, modern experience....Read more

New to SP - How can I do this in one/multiple lists

Disclaimer - I do not have access to Designer - so working within the browser right now. If I HAVE to get it, I will request it but the manager of that team is a pain.Application List Application NameAnalystAppNumber(If Needed)Known Issues ListApplication Name (or AppNumber if needed for reference)ProblemSolution, User who singed off.New IssuesApplication Name (Or App Number)New ProblemTroubleshooting DiscussionSolutionResolved (Boolean).The part I cant do, is tie these together into One Form. Ideally, the form would be like below.App Name - Sh...Read more

list form - What is rich text formatting?

The formatting options for a multi-line text field in SharePoint Online are plain text, rich text and enhanced rich text. For some reason rich text isn't available when you first create a column.Plain text is self explanitory, as is enhanced rich text, since additional formatting tools are made available with this option. I'm confused about what what the rich text option brings.The options in the list settings suggest that rich text fits somewhere in between plain text and enhanced rich text, but it seems that text entered into a rich text fiel...Read more

Multiple forms in a single list

I have a list which has around 100-150 columns in it. Now I want to create different views in the list based on the columns needed and for the each view i want a different SharePoint default add, edit and view form. Is this feasible ?If not, than what else we can do to achieve this. Any help on this will be appreciated, thanks!...Read more

SharePoint List Forms in Visual Studio

I'm trying to attach custom aspx forms to a content type, in order to use them as New, Display and Edit item forms.I must do this with Visual Studio 2010, since I have a Web Template, List Definition, Content Type definitions, etc..Does anyone know the procedure to do this?I found this link:, but I can't understand how to create the item forms there, nor link them.If no one knows the way, could at least anyone help me understand that post?Thank yo...Read more

list form - 2007 - Modifiy fields in NewForm

I have a custom list which contains a section of checkboxes on the NewForm that looks like this:NewFormWhat I want to do is be able to modifiy the list of checkboxes and group certain choices together under headings. So it may look something like this:Heading1 Choice1 Choice2 Choice3Heading2 Choice4 Choice5Heading3 Choice6 ...I would really like to use C# to modify this dynamically that way I can easily handle changes to the list of choices. Is there any way I can do this?...Read more

Customise list forms using Napa

My organisation is using SharePoint Online (Enterprise plan - now upgraded to SP2013) and would like to customise a number of the OOTB list NewItem, EditItem and DisplayItem forms.Given my experience leans towards HTML/Javascript I have a preference to utilise NAPA apps to provide me with the design experience I am after (although I can and do use SPD), and would also prefer not to use InfoPath.I'd be grateful if someone could give some pointers as to how the completed NAPA app can subsequently be associated with the appropriate list event....Read more

Where is the code for a customized list NewForm.aspx page in sp2007

I have to maintain a sharepoint solution that I did not build myself. For a custom list "Files", that is provisioned as a feature in this solution, a newform.aspx shows a non default page. for example a button for spellign checker is added and not all of the listfields ar shown. Because I have not enough "reputations" for this site I'm not allowed to show a picture in this post. But in this Url you can see a screenprint: url is like: more

how to get number of checked checkboxes in a form?

I have a form with several groups of checkboxes. Is there a way to write a formula to find out how many of them are selected?To answer ali SharePoint question: I have a custom list, the form is the New Item or Edit item form. What i'm trying to do is to have a calculated column that will produce a value, based on the values in the multiple columns. I hope to do it with a nested "If" formula, and I want to figure out how to capture a count of checkboxes selected in some columns as it will impact the result in the calculated column....Read more