life - Buddhism on suicide

I want to know how suicide is viewed in Buddhism. I know that it is not viewed positively, but I want to know why. Is it because it brings grief to others? Is that the only reason? Or there is something else..? I think that if you die happily in a calm state because you wish to, there is no negative energy within you.. so I don't understand why suicide is such a bad thing. (the reasons I think are the grief that will bring to the family and that one's negative energy will linger)Buddhism also varies among countries and cultures (I'm from the Ea...Read more

life - What amount of forrest-fire in square km or metric tons, would be necesary to bring oxygen levels below 19.5% that humans require to stay alive?

I read that oxygen makes up 21% of the Earth's atmosphere. I'm guessing it would take a lot of burning to decrease that level, but I am not sure how to calculate that.The problem is: Roughly 400 hundred years in the future, humans are thinking they need to burn some forests made predominantly of a plant species that produces a gas toxic to humans and other life-forms, that spread on Earth and suffocated a lot of other useful (for us) plant species. They were worried that the large-scale fires would lower the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere ...Read more

life - Does SpaceX plan to enhance/change the genome of space colonists to speed up the adaptation process to the living conditions on Mars?

My understanding of biology is that all living organisms adapt to the environment around them. I would even say the environment shapes the very essence of an organism. Gravity alone is a huge factor and will be the most imminent one. It is what I am most interested in this question but I believe there will be a number of other strong factors.Example - Due to fact the food is being manufactured it could be an effective way to feed a population by only liquid or gel food (maybe a few pills or something). Intravenal food would be the next step. Th...Read more

alternate earth - How to explain human life expectancy increase?

What could be most reasonable explanation for rapid increase in life expectancy for all people on earth? Some points:Effect can be increased over time: 100 years in 2020, 140 - in 2030.. and so on, till it reaches about 250 years of life expectancy.It must be applied for all (most) people on earth in natural way.There is no magic.Side effects are possible...Read more

Chat area for Genealogy & Family History

Proposal: Genealogy & Family HistoryA chat area for this proposal has been created, called: "Roots"Visit it at: you can talk live to other Committers to the proposal.Or if no one is there, leave a message, and come back later.This chat is associated with Area 51. It seems you need to have earned 20 reputation at Area 51 to be able to say something in the chat, but anyone can browse. Stack Exchange uses these little techniques to get you to participate (even if just minimally) to get privil...Read more

life - Can mushroom spores survive the vacuum and radiation of space?

From this source, it states that: Living spores have been found and collected in every level of earth’s atmosphere. Mushroom spores are electron-dense and can survive in the vacuum of space. Additionally, their outer layer is actually metallic and of a purple hue, which naturally allows the spore to deflect ultraviolet light. And as if all this wasn’t unique enough, the outer shell of the spore is the hardest organic compound to exist in nature.Has the survival ability of mushroom spores been backed up with any actual experimental results done...Read more

life - Buddha's views on the origin of the universe

Did buddha comment anything about the origin of universe and about origin of life? And if no WHY?? So far whatever texts i have read, i haven't come across any such statement. Though it is not very important for man to know about it and rather he must concentrate on the present time on his actions and thoughts but atleast for the sake of satisfying curiosity of man he must have told ....Read more

life - The dilemma of enlightenment

As a lay Buddhist, I know it is almost impossible for me to attain Enlightenment in this life. So if I keep enlightenment as a goal in mind it creates frustration, as I am not progressing in meditation and, life seems hopeless as Enlightenment is an impossible pursuit. However, if I don't think of enlightenment then I don't have any good motivation to do meditation and keep the precepts. How should I get out of in this confusion? Life as a Buddhist seems almost unpracticle. Any advise?...Read more

Can life survive on the equator of cooled and fast rotating white dwarf or neutron star?

As I know, some stars produces carbon, nitrogen and oxygen when they are old and become white dwarfs or neutron stars. And even their surface gravity is strong, it may rotate very fast so that the surface gravity is diminished, hence materials such as rocks and water can present at the surface normally.My question is, is it possible for life (eg:bacteria) to survive on the equator of white dwarf or neutron star if it is cooled and rotate very fast? Or is it even possible for the equator of white dwarfs or neutron stars become the origin of life...Read more