libya - Why did Khadafi chose to support Idi Amin?

I was looking up the war between Tanzania and Uganda, where Tanzanian forces invaded Uganda to remove Idi Amin, and learned that Idi Amin was able to hold out for a little while thanks to the support of a contingent of Libyan forces sent by Khadafi.Here is an interesting article that summarizes the campaign: question is, why did Khadafi chose to back Idi Amin, even to the extent of deploying military assets in support of...Read more

US "destroyed" Libya: how viable is this as a reading of the history?

Shailja Patel (who I guess is a left-wing Kenyan intellectual) says (my italics) It’s painful to us, in the global south, to see that American writers that we read assiduously, and take seriously, are not reading us. They are not listening when we say: “Please ask your president to stop killing us.” They appear to simply not see black and brown bodies beyond US borders. Obama’s bombs took tens of thousands of civilian lives. His military intervention in Libya destroyed the country with the highest standard of living in Africa.How viable is ...Read more