What is the difference between libc++ and libc++abi library in LLVM?

I saw the two projects are quite related, but what are the differences between them? The official webpage doesn't tell much about it.I know that ABI (Application Binary Interface) is used to provide low-level binary interface among different platforms. So is libc++abi used to provide different implementations for different platforms, and general interface for libc++?Would be better go give some specific example, e.g. what are included in libc++abi and what in libc++.Thanks....Read more

libc++ - clang++ cant find file <iterator>

I am trying to compile my c++ project (working with g++ with boost) with clang. I have successfully compile boost-libraries (1.53) with clang tool-chain. I am using CMake to compile my project, compilation is failing with following error.In file included from /home/dilawar/Works/hpc21/bliff/BlifParserAndPartitioner/src/expression_graph.h:21:/usr/local/include/boost/graph/graph_traits.hpp:14:10: fatal error: 'iterator' file not found#include <iterator> ^1 error generated.I am passing -stdlib=libc++ to compiler. I am not sure which ...Read more