level design - Voxel heightmap terrain editor

I've recently been experimenting with a simple Voxel-based 3d engine (think Minecraft) which uses heightmaps to define terrain in the following format:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HeightmapDoes anyone know of the best software for producing these kind of maps? Preferably with the ability to define a texturemap also. Are terrogen and picogen the only real alternatives?...Read more

level design - Separating data from model and successfully visualizing it

This is a bit of a design question that I'm struggling with. I have a data model and an entity model. The data model is, of course, what is (de)serialized to represent my levels and entities within it, whereas the entity model is the run-time manifestation of the level actually being played.In addition, I have a game editor that allows the levels to be edited and played all in the same UI. It has 2 modes, each with 2 views:Design-time Mode:a top-down, interactive view of the level. This is where the actual editing of the level takes place.an in...Read more