lettrine - Text overlapping problem - TeX

How can I avoid the text overlapping in the Parallel package when using lettrine? I am writing parallel text where the left column text translation is written parallel to the right column text. However the text is overlapping when using letrrine. I need to use lettrine at the beginning of every new chapter number.Here is my MWE which I have tried so far:\documentclass[twoside,letterpaper]{book}\usepackage[margin=1.5cm]{geometry}\usepackage{hyphenat}\usepackage[usenames,dvipsnames,svgnames,table]{xcolor}\usepackage{lettrine}\usepackage{fancyhdr}...Read more

How can I use lettrine with parallel? Or should I use something else? - TeX

I'm trying to set two versions of a text side-by-side and have worked out how to do it using parallel.I'd also like to use drop caps on the first line.When I do, however, parallel seems to stop working for that paragraph.Here is the code I am trying, with it setting first correctly and then not:\documentclass[11pt]{book}\usepackage{parallel,lettrine}\begin{document}\begin{Parallel}{}{} \ParallelLText{\noindent\emph{Wycliffe Bible}, 1382} \ParallelRText{\noindent\emph{Green's Literal Translation}, 1993} \ParallelPar \ParallelLText{In...Read more

Lettrine number overlapping with texts - TeX

Here i having an issue with the lettrine number with texts as it goes in overlapping , ussually the number 150 and the starting text should maintained by some distance, but here it goes on overlapping without maintaining the separation distance, here i am using parallel package to typeset the translation one language into english parallel, so here i used the parallel package, here left column is in another language(i.e Karbi), on right column is in English, Here is my MWE \documentclass[twoside,letterpaper]{book} \usepackage[margin=1.5cm]{geome...Read more

lettrine - Some Russian letters overlap the next line of text when used in drop caps - TeX

An author I am working with requires typesettng of their work as follows, but the Russian letters used in some of the drop caps overlap the 4th line. I tried plaing as per the comments in the below MWE, but could not go below the height achieved by its current state. How can I reduce the drop cap font size a little bit to remove the slight overlap? \documentclass[12pt]{memoir}\usepackage{gentium} % required by the author\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.17} % required by the author\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage[m...Read more

lettrine - Drop caps in a Royal Initialen font - TeX

\documentclass[11pt,letterpaper]{memoir}\usepackage{lipsum}\usepackage{type1cm}\usepackage{lettrine}\setcounter{DefaultLines}{2}\renewcommand{\DefaultLoversize}{0.14}\renewcommand{\LettrineTextFont}{\relax}\begin{document} \lettrine[]{\textbf{D}}{ rop caps }\lipsum[1]\end{document}But when I add the commands from http://www.tug.dk/FontCatalogue/royalinitialen/ the drop cap changes into an ordinary non-bold font instead of the decorated Royal Initialen:\documentclass[11pt,letterpaper]{memoir}\usepackage{lipsum}\usepackage{type1cm}\usepackage{...Read more

lettrine with image - TeX

Working with lettrine in a probably not intended kind leads me to a problem.When running the following example you can see that the two lines of text are not starting at the same position. Ugly! I hope and believe that there is a workaround to get a smart and LaTeX-like result.\documentclass{scrartcl}\usepackage{lettrine}\usepackage{tikz}\setlength{\textwidth}{5cm}\begin{document}\lettrine{\tikz\fill[red] (0,0) rectangle (1ex,2ex);}{} This is justa ridiculous test. This is just a ridiculous test. This is just aridiculous test. This is just a ri...Read more

Using Lettrine with short paragraphs - TeX

I'm trying to create drop caps with the lettrine package, and I'm running into trouble when the first paragraph is too short. It appears that the package only indents the paragraph where it appears, with all lines on subsequent paragraphs being unaffected.Here's a MWE:\documentclass{book}\usepackage{lmodern}\usepackage{lettrine}\begin{document}\lettrine[lines=3]{T}{his} is a short paragraph.This is a longer one, which fills all the lines taken up by the large letter, but unfortunately is not properly indented to accommodate that letter.\end{doc...Read more

Conflict between \lettrine and \justify - TeX

When i use \lettrine with \justify, the indentation is wrong.Below it's the code used :\RequirePackage{fix-cm}\documentclass{article}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{fullpage}\usepackage{titlesec}\usepackage{float}\usepackage{graphicx}\usepackage{hyperref}\usepackage[document]{ragged2e}\usepackage[section]{placeins}\usepackage{amsmath}\usepackage[headheight=13.3338pt,top=1.5cm,bottom=1cm,margin=2.5cm]{geometry}\usepackage{lettrine}\usepackage{oldgerm}\usepackage{calligra}\renewcommand{\LettrineFontHook}{\calligra}\...Read more

persian - Lettrine and Arabic script - TeX

I am trying to typeset texts with numbered, non-titled chapters with latex and want the chapter number always large in the text. I have used lettrine in latin script text successfully, but I get horrible text overlaps in Arabic script. This is what I do. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{polyglossia} \usepackage{lettrine} \title{(My title)} \date{} \setmainlanguage{english} \setotherlanguage{farsi} \newfontfamily\englishfont{Gentium} \newfontfamily\farsifont[Script=Arabic,Scale=1.3,Ligatures=TeX,Mapping=arabicdigits...Read more

Forcing a lettrine to appear within a shifted block of bold text - TeX

I am trying to compile an order of service which includes blocks of bold text which are indented from the actual margin. When I use a lettrine with normal text in this format it appears as expected (i.e. embedded within the text) but when I use it with bold text it appears outside the block as though it has ignored the indentation command. Does anybody know of a way to solve this?Thank you in advance!\documentclass[11pt,a5paper]{article}\usepackage[cm]{fullpage}\usepackage{fontspec}\usepackage{lettrine}\usepackage{libertine}\usepackage{graphicx...Read more

drop cap - How to use Lettrine with short paragraphs - TeX

I'm trying to use lettrine and everything was going well until a short paragraph appeared.The text started overlapping with the first char.Minimum working example:\documentclass{book}\usepackage{lettrine}\begin{document}\lettrine[lines=3]{T}{his} are a few words.Now some more words overlapping the ``T''. This paragraph must be long enough so the problem appears.Now some more words overlapping the ``T''. This paragraph must be long enough so the problem appears.Now some more words overlapping the ``T''. This paragraph must be long enough so the ...Read more

Lettrine with paracol – second column problem - TeX

I'm using paracol to typeset a book with two columns (facing translation). I'm trying to add drop caps using the lettrine package, but the drop cap in the second column sticks out to the left instead of indenting the text:I didn't see an obvious parameter in the lettrine documentation that would fix this behavior. This discussion looks related, but the problem/solution are related to \lettrine being in a list (and thus, essentially inside a paragraph). In my case, we're clearly at the beginning of a new paragraph, so I'm not sure what I'm mis...Read more

How can I make lettrine align flushly with the text? - TeX

I am using lettrine to create drop caps. However, this always creates a typographical problem.\documentclass{article}\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}\usepackage{erewhon}\usepackage{lipsum}\usepackage{lettrine}\usepackage{GoudyIn}\usepackage[x11names]{xcolor} \renewcommand{\LettrineFontHook}{\color{VioletRed4}\GoudyInfamily{}}\LettrineTextFont{\itshape}\setcounter{DefaultLines}{3}%\begin{document}\lettrine{I}{n} former days -- that is to say, once upon a time, there lived in the Land of Gramblamble, Seven Families. They lived by the side of the great...Read more