legal - Is this idea about font licensing true?

I've heard informally that a font license only applies to the file of a font, that if you use a particular font to produce designs, and distribute those designs without the font file included, you don't have to abide to the font license. Is this true?More formally: Is it true that if you have a license to a font, you can produce and distribute images and logos with that font commercially, regardless of font license, if you don't bundle the font file?...Read more

legal - Who owns the login information for a website? A client or designer.

My client has paid for his website but not the other consulting work that is done by our company. He is refusing to pay for 2 months worth of consulting but is demanding his login info for the backend of his site.We didn't intentionally keep the login information from him. We had a great relationship until recently. So do we legally need to hand that information over to him? We have no written contract in place....Read more

advertising - Do commercial artists have any legal obligation to avoid predatory design practices?

Smithsonian Magazine recently ran an article, Ads for E-Cigarettes Today Hearken Back to the Banned Tricks of Big Tobacco, about E-Cigarette Ads utilizing techniques that were already banned (in the US) by combustible cigarettes.I've done freelance work for a Vapeshop before. Thinking back on the services I provided I don't believe any could've been at all considered predatory, though I may be forgetting one. I dropped them as a client a long time ago because of moral reasons anyway.This does beg the question though - as a designer do we have a...Read more

legal - Can I sell photos of public property?

Do I need a legal release to sell photos of things such as railroad tracks and plants/animals that are in public property? If I do need a legal release, who do I get it from if it's public property? There is no artwork, people, cars, buildings,etc. that might belong to a person.Note: I'm in the U.S.(more specifically, Texas)...Read more

legal - Should I ask the hotel permission to shoot potraits in their room/suite?

This is a question specific to US law, and this is the first time I do this, so that is why I ask. I booked a quite nice hotel suite in NYC and I'd love to shoot portraits of a friend there that is traveling with me. The city view there is fantastic. Do you think I should ask the hotel permission, and/or there can be a location fee for shoots done inside a regularly paid suite (and not in the public parts of the hotel)? The primary subject would be the human (if it makes any difference).Thank you....Read more

legal - Can I sell a book that includes pictures of people's cats?

I live in Portland, OR, USA. For the past couple of years, I've been taking Instagram pictures of cats in my neighborhood. All the pics are taken from the sidewalk or the street. Some of them show parts of people's houses along with the cat in question.I've been thinking of taking some of my favorite ones, writing a little fictional story about each of them, and making a little print-on-demand book or chapbook out of them and selling them online or in local shops.The major thing that's stopping me is: what if someone recognizes their cat? What ...Read more

legal - Can I publish (online) a photo I took of someone else's house?

I have a collection of photos that I have taken while touring through display homes that were part of a home-design show. I want to publish the photos online to share with others the architectural design that inspires me.Photography was allowed in the homes by the administrators of the tours. I may have agreed to some type of restrictions by purchasing the ticket, but I did not sign anything.I have read other legal questions here to attempt to gain an understanding of this issue, but I want to make sure there are no other restrictions that ap...Read more

legal - Has there ever been a ruling on the necessity / legality of a property release for non-trademarked property?

While this is a legal question, it's an area often broached by photographers: that of the property release. An individual's right of publicity is widely recognized, and obtaining model releases from recognizable individuals in photos used for commercial purposes is accepted as common practice.That said, I've heard that the notion of needing a property release to utilize images of private property is one that has not been tested in court in the United States. Are there any examples of companies or individuals which have gone to court and recei...Read more