laravel spark - How to deal with the profile name not matching the cc name?

Laravel Spark 6 Using Braintree, but I think Stripe will be the same.It seems odious to expect the profile name to match the credit card name. But it seems the case that you cannot add a payment method unless the profile name and the cc name match.It seems easiest to just ask for the name on the card in the payment method dialog.I know that you control whether or not the cvv is asked for from the Braintree dashboard. Is there a similar way for asking for the name?Or do i have to go into the code for getting and submitting the cc information?I a...Read more

laravel spark - Property or method is not defined on the instance but referenced during render

I am working on laravel + spark + vuejs. I am trying to make new module and following is code.routes/web.phpRoute::get('/emergency-template-plan', 'EmergencyPlanTemplateController@emergencyTemplatePlan');Vue js: resources/assets/js/app.jsrequire('spark-bootstrap');require('./components/bootstrap');Vue.component('spark-emergency', { data() { return { all_emergencies:[] };},created() { this.getEmergencies();},methods: { getEmergencies() { this.$http.get('/emergency-template-plan') .then(response => { ...Read more