Ksoap2 on android 3.2

I got a problem that ı developed an app (connecting an aspx web service) on Android 2.3 and it has been processing.But I tried to same app on Android 3.2 I got some problems .Is there any way for using Ksoap2 on Android 3.2....Read more

ksoap2 - Blackberry - Consume .Net Soap Service

I am new to blackberry app development and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction(and may be a sample application) of how to consume web service in native apps. I'm using Blackberry JDE plugin for Eclipse.I am able to consume a restful webservice, but now I want to consume a SOAP service. I am new to eclipse , so I would require in detail information. Thanks,...Read more

Ksoap2 forming SoapObject

I need to generate a SoapObject. here is my code -- SoapObject request = new SoapObject(namespace, method);SoapObject r = new SoapObject(namespace, "request");r.addProperty("email", email); request.addSoapObject(r);my code generates the following <Info xmlns=NAMESPACE > <request> <email>id@gmail.com</email> </request> </Info>but the request body needs to be like this<con:Info> <!--Optional:--> <con:request> <typ:email>id@gmail.com</typ:email&g...Read more

Binding nested complex objects with KSOAP2 Android

I'm trying to bind a XML response from a WS to a set of POJO's classes using ksoap2-android.A lot of examples on the internet treat very simple responses like this one.In my case however, I have a lot of custom classes and they keep a reference of each other, sometimes even inside an arraylist.Here's what i'm trying to do, i would like to bind this kind of response :<Car number="35"> <Engine> [...] </Engine> <Passenger id="1"> [...] </Passenger> <Passenger id="2"> [...] ...Read more

Android ksoap2, data not being post

I am using ksoap2 for communicating with a remote web service. For some reason, the properties I add to soapObject are not being sent. Where have I gotten wrong? I have tried everything, I get a response when I perform direct posting of the request xml but that is not what I want. I also get a response from the server but none of the values I post are being passed. I have read every blog out there, the official documentation and even related SO questions, What have I missed?Here is a snippet of a method being called from the doInBackground() of...Read more