databags - How to upload a encrypted data bag using knife

Hi am trying to create a chef server copying all files from an existing chef server. So when copied everything and ran a recipe it's getting error as data bag is encrypted. So, I downloaded keytab from an encrypted data bag on old chef server. Knife vault download keys sri_keytab sri.keytab Now I want to upload the data bag to my new chef server. I heard it's only possible in the case when we decrypt a data bag using vault and the keytab downloaded and then upload it as an encrypted one.But I don't know howSo could anyone help me please.......Read more

knife - Chef server migration: How to update the client.pem in nodes?

I am attempting to migrate from 1 chef server to another using knife-backup. However, knife-backup does not seem to update the nodes, and all my nodes are still pointing to the old server in their respective client.rb files, and their validation.pem and client.pem are still paired with the old server. Consequently, I update all the client.rb and validation.pem files manually.However, I still need to update client.pem. Obviously, one way to do so would be to bootstrap the node again to the new server, however I do not want to do that because I d...Read more

knife - while bootstrapping a recipe on windows machine ..facing issues like ConnectTimeoutError: execution expired

When I am bootstrapping a recipe on windows machine. I am facing an error which is shown below:$ knife bootstrap windows winrm IP-address -x Username -P password -r recipe[notepad]ERROR: HTTPClient::ConnectTimeoutError: execution expiredI have installed knife windows pluggin and also configured the winrm but after doing this also .. I am facing this issue.I could not resolve this. Has anyone come across this problem and found a solution?...Read more

knife - downgrade chef-client version 11

trying to downgrade chef-client. enclosed a snippet:$ chef-client --versionChef: 11.10.4$ curl -sL | sudo bash -s -- -v 11.8.2Downloading Chef 11.8.2 for ubuntu...downloading to file /tmp/ wget...url 3d3b3662830a44eeec71aadc098a4018sha256...Read more

chef - Unknown clients upon running knife client list

I have been using chef automation for a while. My setup has an open source chef server installed on ubuntu12.04 and 2 virtual machines with centos6.5 and ubuntu12.04 as nodes.But when I run knife client list from my workstation it gives me the result asubuntu and dhcppc5 are 2 valid nodes.On deleting the bogus nodes by "knife client delete"I get error as:What are these unknown clients and how to resolve the issue?...Read more

knife - Create private node

I am trying to figure out how to create a vs on a private node in SoftLayer using the knife softlayer plugin. According to an initial release, it looks like there should be a flag --single-tenant for that purpose ( but if you look at the code it's now commented out ( is there another way to create a vs on private node?Thanks...Read more

knife - how to set password for user at run time in chef

How to set password for user creation in chef , at run time . instead of the encrypting mechanism using openssl and setting it in user resource in chef. instead of the following method:openssl passwd -1 "theplaintextpassword"$1$JJsvHslV$szsCjVEroftprNn4JHtDi.then setting it in user resource user "random" do supports :manage_home => true comment "Random User" uid 1234 gid "users" home "/home/random" shell "/bin/bash" password "$1$JJsvHslV$szsCjVEroftprNn4JHtDi." endIs there any alternative ..??...Read more

knife - how to deploy a heavy size files using chef

I have a file which is of 900 MB approx. I want to deploy the file to the target machine. I used the files resource in chef (cookbook_file). But i am unable to upload the cookbook in to the server because of the size.Is there any way to deploy the file on the target machine rather than downloading it from internet (using remote_file)?...Read more

knife - Chef client is not getting installed on Target windows machine

I am unable to figure why its not installing the client on the target machine.In C drive opscode directory is not available and hence client is not getting installed on target node. Can some help me out in this . "Rendering "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\bootstrap-12616-1401793287.bat" chunk 1" "Rendering "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\bootstrap-12616-1401793287.bat" chunk 2" "Rendering "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\bootstrap-12616-1401793287.bat" chunk 3" "Renderin...Read more