KIWI TCMS behaves strangely during cloning Test Case

I have a problem with the function of Clone Test Case, which behaves differently than specified in the manual. In Test Case, I click on CLONE to open the Filter plan form, and when I click Filter Plan, I get the results table, see. picture.I miss any button to go back with a confirmed Test plan selection. If I click to back button of browser, Kiwi TCMS falls and I have to start over again. Please do you have some solution of this, because in manual is different specification.I expect the test plan selection option.The Test plan selection is not...Read more

Getting a "AttributeError at /case/57286/" in KIWI TCMS for some test cases when migrated from testopia

I have migrated test plans, cases from testopia environment to kiwi tcms. Most of the plans and cases are ok. But when viewing test cases in some test plans, getting an error AttributeError at /case/57286/. what could be the reason for this?following is the stack trace from the error..Request Method: POSTRequest URL: http://*******:8000/plans/printable/Django Version: 2.1.3Python Version: 3.6.1Installed Applications:['vinaigrette', 'grappelli', 'django.contrib.admin', 'django.contrib.auth', 'django.contrib.contenttypes', 'django.contrib.messag...Read more