kids crafts - What materials can I use for faux stained glass?

I found this old colouring book that made pseudo stained glass. You colour it in however you want and then tear the page out and place it on the window. Certainly faster and cheaper then actual stained glass. I had already finished most of the book so there was nothing for my kids to do. There must be something that I could use in place of whatever material the book was made from. What can I use that I can give to my kids to make fake/faux/pseudo stained glass? What tools would best compliment that suggestion? Pencil crayons, markers etc?...Read more

kids crafts - How can I get children's paper masks to last longer?

Paper masks are easy to make and can even be made by kids. However their life is limited to how long the mask will survive being used by children. An example of what I am describing would be this from is almost always going to occur from the elastic, string or yarn, that wraps behind ones head, at the punched hole. The holes usually wear out from the "string" and the mask falls off and needs to be repaired or discarded sooner. You can use something like scotch tape either before hand or after to make it last longer b...Read more