- How to improve performance of keplergl?

Is there a way to improve the performance of keplergl by deactivate some features not required in the use-case?Ideas:Remove the side bar (not just hiding but that it's not loaded at all)Disable object interactivity (hover/click effects) on high zoom levelsOnly load objects in the current viewport (+ some space around it)...Read more

How to update MapBox component style

I'm trying to figure out how to customize the's mapbox style. I want to make the mapbox component fill the screen width and height.I've already tried updating it using the dispatcher with no success:this.props.dispatch(loadCustomMapStyle({inputStyle: {url: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/navigation-guidance-day-v4', id: 'some-id', style: {width: '100%', height: '100%'}}}));this.props.dispatch(addCustomMapStyle());I also tried using the styled-components ThemeProvider:<ThemeProvider theme={{width: '100%', height:'100%'}}> <...Read more