phonegap - Kendo datasource sync offline changes after app restart

I'm developing a mobile Phonegap app with Kendo UI, making use of it's Offline DataSource features.Unfortunately, I've stumbled across a scenario where offline changes are not being sent to the remote server when the datasource is back online. It goes like this:The datasource reads from the remote server and places the data into localStorageThe device goes offline and a change is made to a data item (the item is flagged with __state__: 'update' in localStorage)The app is closed whilst the device is still offlineThe device goes online whilst the...Read more

kendo grid cancel edit on nested datasource

I have viewmodel with nested json datasource.Here is my DEMO (use second contact "personal contact" for testing)[{ person_id:1, person_name:"John", contact: [ {email:""} ]}]I am binding videmodel to grid with contacts detail template:+ person => contact 1 => contact 2Grid is editable using custom popup editor template, where I can edit person and contacts all in one form. Available personal contacts are presented using listview with form above it (click on the row binds fields).My problem lies with canceling edit....Read more

How to split a Kendo Grid into a child and parent grid?

So I'm having problems with my grid because it has too many columns. What I'd like to do is split this grid into half, having only half of the columns shown in the main grid and the other half in a child grid when row gets expanded. Basically the data in a row of a parent grid has to be the same as the data in row of a child grid, only different columns shown. The code below should be transformed into something like this:Here's the grid itself:$("#Materials") .kendoGrid({ dataSource: { data: [], schema: { ...Read more

Kendo UI Angular Grid NumberFormatOptions

I understand there are a few ways to format the numbers in the Angular Kendo UI Grid.For example: {{decimal | kendoNumber:'c' }}But instead of having a currency I would like to format the number in the following format (similar with the currency but without currency label):,11(12 digits before the comma and two after the comma.)In Kendo there are some NumberFormatOptions but I could not figure out how to use them. Can anyone provide me some examples of how to use these NumberFormatOptions correctly?Would be great. Thanks in adva...Read more

How to hide the expand/collapse icon for the detail grid in kendo ui

I am using kendo ui grid detail Template. In the grid i have a dropdown with some values like dropdown, textbox etc. If i add the new record then i don't want to show the expand/collapse icon. After selecting the dropdown and the selected value will be dropdown then only i want to show the expand/collapse icon. How can i able to do this using kendo ui. Hope you understand my quesion. I have tried to access that in the dataBound Event like this dataBound: function (e) { var dataSource = this.dataSource; ...Read more

Loading icon for Kendo UI grid

I'm newbie with KendoUI and I've got some troubles with the progress image that should be appear meanwhile the loading of the data.This is my HTML:<div> <article > <h5>Anagrafica</h5> </article> <div id="gridRolesT" class="dcmo_grid" kendo-grid="gridRoles" k-options="vm.gridOptions" k-on-change="vm.onSelection(kendoEvent)"> </div></div>Starting from which I have declared the following CSS and controller:CSS:.dcmo_grid {margin: 10px 0px;}/*style for select...Read more

Kendo-Grid with Angular

I am somewhat new to Angular and trying to learn how to use Kendo Grid without jQuery using Angular. I get the jQuery code that is used for the widget configuration is written in javascript but i am not getting the HTML directives.<kendo-grid options="mainGridOptions">What does "options" attribute mean ? I am assuming its an attribute that the kendo-grid (as defined by the directive) widget has ? But when i go the documentation, I don't see it in the configuration of fields drop-down ?...Read more

Hidden Field Excel Export In kendo ui

Requirement How to excel export hidden fields using kendoui grid By using kendo editor i have implemented grid and i want to export hidden field using Excel export in kendo ui Grid Here I want to export Id field in Excel which is hidden here My main moto is to export the hidden columns using excel export <div id='grid-container'> <div id='student-details-grid' data-role='grid' data-groupable='true' data-sortable='true' data-toolbar=['excel'] data-excel="{fileName: 'StudentDetails.xlsx',...Read more

Kendo UI Splitter height

Posted 3 hours ago (permalink)Hi everyone,I'm doing an ASP.NET MVC project with Kendo UI, and I've got a little problem.I have a jquery script for re sizing my splitter.window.onload = function () { $("#vertical").css("height", $(window).height());};But when I load my layout, I've got the good size, but not the good display. If I hide my bottom splitter , and then show it, it's the well display (2.png)Thanks all for you answers :)...Read more

Kendo Splitter Nesting with Treeview

Hi I am Getting Error "Delegate 'System.Action' does not take 1 arguments" while creating a splitter with Partial view rendered inside one of the panes of Splitter. The error is at Content Property of the the pane. Please suggest me any changes to solve the problem@(Html.Kendo().Splitter() .Name("vertical") .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "height:900px" }) .Orientation(SplitterOrientation.Horizontal) .Panes(panes => { panes.Add() .HtmlAttributes(new { id = "pane1" }) .Resizable(true) .Size("300px") ...Read more

Kendo splitter is undefined after several ajaxrequest

I have a splitter containing left and right pane. On the left pane it display the navigation , when an item was clicked, the URL corresponding to that item will be loaded into the right pane. I have successfully do this but I notice that after three successful ajaxrequest, my splitter is undefined after the fourth clicked. Here is my partial js: var onPanelItemSelect = function (e) { var windowPath; windowPath = $(e.item).attr('data-value'); if (windowPath != '#') { // get a reference to the splitter var splitter =...Read more