kashrut kosher - Cities' רבנו‏יות's accepting others' food

Years ago, IIRC, I heard the following from a respectable source:By Israeli law, if the רבנות of one city certifies a food as kosher, then the רבנות of any other city must allow that food as an ingredient in factories and restaurants it certifies (not "למהדרין"). Briefly, every רבנות must accept the certification of every other רבנות. (This has also been claimed by the Star-K.)There is at least one city in Israel whose רבנות is not reliable for כשרות.Therefore, there is no Israeli city whose רבנות's (not "למהדרין") certification is reliable for...Read more

kashrut kosher - Noachide Dietary Restrictions

Noachides are not commanded to keep Kosher but we do know the sixth commandment given us is "The prohibition of eating flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive" can someone clarify (Not give an official word or ruling) how we can best observe this commandment? My wife and I rarely eat meat due to the inhumane way the animals are treated and obvious other reasons like horomones and the like. In a community where we have no shochet to teach us to kill our own meat righteously and no place to buy meats like this is it best to be vegetari...Read more

In light of modern science, why is bee honey still kosher?

My understanding of why bee honey is kosher is because the talmud says that the honey is not a by-product of the bees. They simply store the nectar in their body to transfer it and then expel it, turning it into honey. Since it's not a by-product of a bug, it is kosher.However, modern science has revealed that when the nectar is in the bees body, an enzyme (?) is released, causing the honey making process to begin. Since this enzyme is integral to the creation of honey, and the bee is mixing its "juices" so to speak with the nectar, shouldn't w...Read more

food - Are GMOs Kosher?

Currently taking a biology class in which genetically modified foods were discussed. Some of the plants had DNA from non kosher animals added into the plant genes. How does this impact the kashrus of food which is genetically modified?This is related to this question about salmon, but perhaps even where salmon could be permitted, other types of food (e.g. birds or other animals where we judge kashrus by tradition about the specific species rather than by observable characteristics such as fins and scales) could not....Read more

eretz yisrael - How do I determine kashrut status of fresh produce from Israel?

Fresh produce from Israel has all sorts of halachic concerns: Orla, Shemittah, Terumot and Maasrot.Periodically, I come across fresh fruit imported from Israel. I generally avoid buying it, but I'd rather know where to find answers to all the questions than just avoid them.The most recent issue: This time of year (March - April), Costco (in the US) carries Orri mandarins. Orri mandarins are grown locally here in Florida, but the ones at Costco are labelled "Product of Israel" and have no kashrut certification on the packaging.Given that it's ...Read more

how to - Keeping Kosher Jewish/gentile marriage

A young couple is in love and intends to marry. She is Jewish and he is Christian. Each respects the other's religious beliefs and neither intends to convert. She keeps kosher. OTOH, he eats pork and consumes meat with dairy. Again, neither is willing to change. Once married and living together, how can she maintain a kosher household under these circumstances? A third refrigerator, stove, dishes and utensils for him and his foods? A completely separate kitchen? Or is it a lost cause?(I am an outsider who is curious.)...Read more

kashrut kosher - Online resources for KFP products

Does anyone have a reliable list (or lists) of Kosher for Passover products that is (or are) available online?{There are several that I've used in the past, but they seem to be cut off in their online versions this year. I'm specifically looking for what toothpastes are good for this year, but I assumed that would be too localized.}...Read more

kashrut kosher - Can you eat "congealed blood" meat?

I had read that when kosher meat slabs are delivered in a refrigerated truck, say, across the U.S., the meat must be hosed down every 2-3 days (I don't recall the exact time period) to prevent the blood from congealing.Let's say this wasn't done. Is the meat considered "permanently" non-kosher and it cannot be used by Jews? Or can it still be made kosher in some way?Are there different rules on this regarding meat vs. fowl / poultry? (perhaps, birds have a different time-frame for congealing than beef)?...Read more

technology - Can meat grown from living cells be kosher? Is it eiver min hachai?

Earlier questions such as In vitro meat — further questions dealt with meat grown from stem cells of slaughtered animals. This question is specifically about meat grown from stem cells taken from live animals. Indian-American Scientist Has Discovered A Way For Us To Eat Meat Without Killing Animals says: WASHINGTON -- An Indian-American scientist-led team has developed contamination-free meat from animal cells in a laboratory that could be harvested in 9 to 21 days, a new technique that could help in stopping large scale slaughtering of ani...Read more

Punishment for Eating Non-Kosher

What is the biblical or talmudic prescribed punishment for knowingly eating meat of a non-kosher animal. I seem to recall some kind of distinction in punishment between eating out of indulgence or lack of willpower (lesser punishment) vs in defiance of Torah (harsher punishment)....Read more

product recommendation - Kosher Cheese without a posted hechsher

I live in a remote area of Canada and don't have access to a kosher market to buy cheese. There are many European imports in the local super, and I was wondering if there is a list of cheeses which are kosher without a printed hechsher from EU or elsewhere (the UK, Australia, etc). From my time in Europe, I found that many communities had lists of kosher products one could buy in the super without a printed hechsher.Thanks....Read more