How to limit commands in jQuery terminal

I've been using wterm in my application fork, but now is guess is very old and discontinued. I've try to migrate to jquery-terminal, but I didn't understand well how configure.With old wterm: is a easy mode to configure? And include only the commands I allow?My current function:$('#wterm').terminal(function(command,...Read more

Add color to JQuery Terminal

I am trying to add color the the jquery terminal like a bash terminal in linux.I have tried the same arrangement of color codes\033]01;31\] # pink\033]00m\] # white\033]01;36\] # bold green\033]02;36\] # green\033]01;34\] # blue\033]01;33\] # bold yellowand there is no color options....Read more

Load raw link contents into terminal

I'm using the raw property to get formatted data from urls into the terminal, like this$(function() {var save_state = [];var terminal = $('#term').terminal(function(command, term) { term.pause(); url = ...; $.get(url, function(result) { term.echo(result, {raw:true}).resume(); });}, { prompt: '>>', name: 'test', outputLimit: 1000 });});I'm wondering, how do I get it so when links in result are clicked, they load their data into the terminal the same way command data is loaded, rather than opening a ne...Read more

JQuery Terminal typing animation not displaying special HTML characters or class styles until after animation completes

I'm using code from the JQuery Terminal examples to emulate typed animation in a console window. I can get the animation to work as intended, but during the course of the animation special HTML characters do not display until after the animation completes. For example, while the animation is running, the console renders '\' instead of '\' This problem also applies to styles assigned to the class of any div that's being animated. The styles do not show up until after the animation is complete.Below is the code used to animate (adapted fr...Read more

jquery terminal custom tab completion

Is it possible to take control of the entire tab-completion feature in JQuery.Terminal? I want to manage the autocompletion that's displayed. For instance, I want to support templates/regex so that I can do things like "visualize campaign CAMPAIGN_NAME where config = SOMETHING". I could write my own parser and handler for all this, but I'm not sure how/where to plug it in?...Read more

How to initialize terminal manually?

how may i log stuff into the terminal before the user focuses the terminal and presses enter key?I cannot find a way to access the echo method of the terminal outside a call function scope.The "greetings" option is good but it does not help, i am trying to use the terminal to show the logs of a background application that is constantly running.Thank you....Read more