SlimDX Wrong Joystick State on startup

I use SlimDX and DirectInput to handle a XBox 360 Gamepad for Windows. Everything is working fine but I have the following problem:When a button is pressed while starting the application, the button state is NOT shown as pressed in the joystick state. The same with the analog sticks: if I hold the stick fully in one direction on startup, the position is shown as zero and changes upon first little movement of the stick.Is there a way to get the real state of the joystick at startup ?...Read more

joystick - Voice recognition through a USB port

My name is Ismail, and I'm a 29-year-old guy with a physical disability which severely limits my movements. I am able to access my computer by using a custom-made mini joystick which I move with my lips and a touch switch near each thumb for left and right clicking. I also have a prototype gaming helmet which has four touch switches so that I can play games using my cheeks and eyebrows as well. Lastly I use a voice recognition program called Game Commander 3 so that I can use my voice to handle the remaining keystrokes in games due to the fac...Read more

Android How to use multiple pointers for dual joysticks

The app contains 2 virtual joysticks and I'm having trouble figuring out how to move them independently at the same time without the pointers getting mixed up.Would someone be kind enough to give me some general advice?I'd post what I have except it's so messy at this point I don't even know how it works. I'm just going to scrap it and start over....Read more

How to get Windows XP to detect joystick?

I've got an standard interface (DB-15 analog) joystick connector on my Windows XP gaming system. It works fine for DOS applications (booting into DOS directly, not using XP at all). However, nothing in XP detects it. Since DOS games can talk to it, it must be hardware compatible. Does XP need a special driver for legacy joystick support/how can I use it for my XP games?...Read more

Simulate 9 pin joystick output

I have built this little setup, which is supposed to record and replay input from a classic 9 pin Joystick. I connected the 9 pin connectors with the Arduino, read the input on the left side from the Joystick and then pass it to the right side by setting the corresponding pins to high.It does work and I can play games on the Commodore 64.However, I noticed that with this setup, current is passed to the Commodore 64, which is very likely harming the machine a lot (I stopped immediately after noticing).So my question is: how do I need to modify t...Read more

joystick - How to setup dji L2 api demo?

I'm intended to create an android app in which you can control the drone (in my case phantom 2 vision) I want to control it using a virtual joystick, I already have the Level 2 API. To do that I wanted to see a "working app" with my own eyes, to understand how I should use the API. I tried to run the dji demo application (I followed the steps they pointed on the documentation, like put the api key in the manifest), the application seems to work ok, but I only can control the gimbal, the virtual joystick does not work for some reason. Is there a...Read more