journal - Problem in manuscript (.tex) submission in elsevier - TeX

My manuscript was prepared using TexWorks, usingthe elsarticle template from Elsevier website link. Everything works and compiled to pdf properly in TexWorks.The problem occurs when I tried submission of manuscript. It did not compile.To reduce the possibility of bibtex problem, I used bibitem in my manuscript.tex. Still, it did not work in elsevier manuscript submission.How do I trace the problem given the uncompiled file as attached? Please give me some suggestion and tips to solve this. Thank you.Some questions:1. Does the sequence order fil...Read more

Producing a volume of a journal in LaTeX - TeX

As a matter of academic curiosity, I've been wondering for a while how one could produce an entire volume of an academic journal (not just a single journal article) using LaTeX. It seems clear to me that a number of publishers use LaTeX to produce their journals (IEEE, American Physical Society, and Elsevier come to mind) especially since many journals provide LaTeX document classes, but it's not clear to me how they go about it. Specific questions that I have include:Supposing every article is submitted in LaTeX format, how are they combined...Read more