Joomla! Multiple modules assignment

I'm looking for an extension or a way to assign many modules at the same time without having to open each module. This could work like that:a. Link modules directly from menu manager to menu itemsb. Categorize modules so that you could manage their position, assignment, style as a category that would affect all related modulesc. A simple extension for the "batch" in module manager that would control not only the position, but the menu assignment as wellAny ideas?...Read more

joomla using menu item type alias in multilingual website

I have a multi language website ( English and arabic) , two menus ( one for arabic and one for english), I am trying to make the menu item types of arabic menu as alias for the english menu items , The result in front end:when not using SEO, the arabic meu items are working normally as alias for the english ones , But when turning SEO Enabled , clicking on arabic menu items give 404 Article not found.any help please?...Read more

Joomla: Display part of menu

I'm trying to make a small left menu in my Joomla articles. Since I use the SP Pagebuilder to display the articles, the module on my page isn't also displayed on my article. With the advanced module manager I was able to put a module in my articles, but there's one problem: I can't display my menu.Say you have this kind of menu:*Home*Item *Item 1 *Item 1.1 *Item 1.2 *Item 1.3 *Item 2 *Item 2.1 *Item 2.2On the articles I've put in Item 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, I want to display a menu with these parts:*1.1*1.2*1.3On 2.1 and 2.2 it's: *2.1*2.2Still...Read more

Joomla Menu to display only current (root) menu subitems

I'm rather new to Joomla. Here is what I want.Say I have a menu with two root items named "1" and "2"."1" has 1a and 1b subitems and "2" has 2a and 2b subitems.What I want is when on page "2" to have a module which will only display 2a and 2b menu subitems (without 1a and 1b).Is there an easy way to do it without 1 been a category of 1a and 1b and 2 been a category of 2a and 2b?Thanks for your help....Read more

Joomla editors TinyMCE and JCE eliminating attributes

I have the following HTML markup<video poster="home-bg.jpg" autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" muted="" data-autoplay="" playsinline="" width="982" height="552"><source src="short.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>The problem is that the Joomla editors, at least the two main ones tinyMCE and JCE, are eliminating the attribute playsinline from the Video tag.I already tried adding exceptions or adding this attribute to valid attributes but I have had not success.The attribute gets eliminated no matter what.If I disable all editors the ...Read more

joomla3.0 - How to set form data for a Joomla subform?

I'm trying to create a Joomla (3.x) component and struggling with using subforms. There doesn't seem to be much documentation for using subforms besides e.g. my component I have one parent table and some associated database rows from a child table.The idea is to display an edit form for that parent table using Joomla's XML syntax for forms and in that edit form also display a subform with multiple items (the associated rows from the child table).I would like to be able to modify the parent tabl...Read more

joomla - Website seems to be infected by JPG:PHPAgent-A [Trj]

i am trying to find malware infection in my site (Joomla 1.5.26) but i can not find anything suspicious.Scanned online in several places as also searched in the filesystem!Anyone with any ideas why my antivirus (avast) is keeping telling me that the website is infected? Actually it finds JPG:PHPAgent-A [Trj] threat on several images loaded by a specific module (which i have checked for infections!)Here is a link: more

joomla - 550 Can't remove directory: Permission denied

Its been a day I'm facing this problem. I don't know if its because of the hosting server or my configuration in joomla.I'm trying to upload my joomla website to ftp using akeeba back up. First, I uploaded kickstart.php and the akeeba file for the website and it is successful.Now, I did the installation using akeeba and the last part which shows a modal which displays a button "View your sites front end". Instead of going to the sites front end It downloads an index.php file.. Same when I type in check my ftp files and th...Read more

dompdf->stream not working in joomla

I'm trying to use dompdf in my Joomla 3 component, but the PDf that it generates to download is always corrupt. I have opened the PDF file in a text editor and found that the reason for the corruption is that it is including all the headers, links, stylesheets and javascript from joomla, even though I'm ionly passing teh html that i need.The code I'm using in my joomla component view (the default.php template) is :<?phpdefined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');ob_start();?> <div class="qp-div1"> <table class="table tabl...Read more

joomla based owl Carousel

We have a Joomla based school website, we have a owl carousel at the bottom that scrolls along.I would like to make the images contained links to their to websites.I've looked everywhere to find where the code for the owl carousel is but i cant find it. There is a module for it but it hasn't anywhere to alter the code.The site URL is: is the code in the tmpl folder inside default.php<div class="owlcarousel<?php echo $moduleclass_sfx ?> <?php echo $alias ?>" <?php if ($params->get('backg...Read more

permissions - No single directory is writable Joomla

Some really strange happened to me, while migrating my websites from a hoster to my new VPS with CentOS 6, DirectAdmin (and Jira Image V6, optimized for Magento and Joomla).I migrated one website succesfully, without any problems. The first one. It really works like a charm!All other websites, with the same Joomla! version, I tried to copy, had the same problems of no single directory or file is writable. I checked all settings, everywhere, as far as my knowledge goes, but nothing. The copy method was exactly the same, as the first one.What I d...Read more

firewall - Joomla 1.5 site keeps getting blocked by host

I have a Joomla 1.5.26 site which I have had since Aug 2012. It has been in a stable condition since Aug, with no changes to components etc. It is firewalled with RS Firewall and all the other security precautions have been taken.During the past few weeks the site has started to be blocked by the hosting company that holds the site, who claim that there are too many active connections. I have hunted through the sites, disabled various components etc and am still getting the same problems. Has anyone experienced any similar issues? I am thinking...Read more

Joomla - filter content by IP addresses (intranet / extranet)

we are developing site (unfortunately on Joomla), where we need to restrict access to some content - articles (and also categories if possible). Ideally, this content should be hidden even from menu. It will be enough if we were able to specify three access levels for our articles:public visibilityvisible only for intranetvisible only for extranetUnfortunately we found no extension that could meet our requirements.Do you have any suggestions, where we should implement this IP filter (detect IP address and check if it is from intranet or extrane...Read more

amazon s3 - Joomla on EC2 instance: Where do the files go?

This a very simple question, but I haven't found the answer anywhere. I am thinking about moving one of my websites, a joomla website, to the cloud, more specifically to a EC2 instance on Amazon. I have been watching some videos and the process seems rather simple. However, I haven't found any information about where the files are stored. Are they in a S3 bucket? Are they saved somewhere else? How do I access the files?Can I use Cloudfront to serve images and other files? How does the whole integration process between EC2, S3 and Cloudfront wor...Read more