jbossfuse - how to configure loadbalancer in fuse cluster with different machine1,machine2 and machine3?

Following are the steps i follow to setup cluster in 3 different machine.1. Unzip JBoss fuse in three different folders, so that you have the following configuration: - machine1/jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-187 - machine2/jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-187 - machine3/jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-1872. Edit etc/org.apache.karaf.management.cfg and change rmiRegistryPort, rmiServerPort, assiging an unique port:**#machine1**rmiRegistryPort = 1099 rmiServerPort = 44444 **#machine2**rmiRegistryPort = 1100 ...Read more

jbossfuse - JBoss Fuse v6.2 - Tracing

What is the way to do message tracing for each request made to the JBoss Fuse 6.2 server? In my case most of the entry points are CXF REST service with the processing delegated to Camel routes in some cases. I would like to do end-to-end tracing with same message id that can correlate the request processing....Read more

jbossfuse - Jboss fuse with EAP container

I am new to Jboss fuse. I went through several tuitorials regarding fuse. JBoss Fuse combines several technologies like Apache Camel, Apache CXF, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Karaf and Fabric8 in a single integrated distribution. I have downloaded the installer from jboss site and installed in to jboss-EAP 6.4 . I checked the standalone.xml and didnt find any configuration regardingApache ActiveMQ, Apache Karaf and Fabric8.My doubt is without these configurations how fuse will support messaging service and osgi ?I am trying to use fuse in jboss-EAP ...Read more

jbossfuse - JBOSS Fuse Starter questions

So, I'm looking at using Fuse to replace an existing integration engine, and suite of integrations at work.I've started looking at using Fuse, and it looks as good as, or better than the competition.I have installed the Fuse Development Environment, watched a few videos, and worked through the first couple homeloan tutorials.I'm having a couple of problems:1) When I try to do a JSON to XML transformation, I drag out the data transformation icon from the palette, specify from JSON (with a piece of sample JSON), specify to XML (with a sample SOAP...Read more

jbossfuse - When deploying a new feature config files are not loaded before bundles are started

I'm evaluating jboss fuse (using version 6.2.1.redhat-084), and i've run into the following issue:I have a number of features in my projectEach feature has a configuration fileThe feature repository file looks like this:.<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><features name="myservice-features" xmlns="http://karaf.apache.org/xmlns/features/v1.2.0"> <feature name="myservice-common" version="${project.version}"> <configfile finalname="etc/com.myorg.myservice_common.cfg" override="true">mvn:com.myorg/myservice-comm...Read more

jbossfuse - how to configure loadbalancer in fuse cluster?

I had setup cluster in Jboss fuse 6.3.0 for server01 and server02 node. Can anyone suggest me that how to configure loadbalancer in fuse cluster?Till now i have done following things to achieve clustering on Jboss Fuse.1.I had setup 2 Fuse on 2 different servers, and then join them together to form a fabric cluster.2.I changed in file "org.apache.karaf.management.cfg" under etc/ and change the RMI related port. rmiRegistryPort=1199 rmiServerport=445Also there are a few more port you need to adjust,org.apache.karaf.shell.cfg, change the:sshPor...Read more

jbossfuse - Unresolved constraint in bundle - osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=org.apache.camel.routepolicy.quartz)

I'am new with Jboss Fuse 6.3. I need to pull some files from a FTP server at a scheduled time. I found one solution that use 'CronScheduledRoutePolicy' (http://camel.apache.org/cronscheduledroutepolicy.html). I tried to use this solution in my bundle in this way: <bean id="startPolicy" class="org.apache.camel.routepolicy.quartz.CronScheduledRoutePolicy"> <property name="routeStartTime" value="{{epayment.authorization.timer.cron}}"/> </bean> <camelContext id="epayment-batch" autoStartup="{{batch.authorization...Read more