electric bass guitar - What to expect in a jazz audition

Context:In my city, the government is going to open a music school for free. In two weeks they going to make auditions for the jazz class for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. I play the bass guitar. I have some experience playing for metal bands and church groups. I consider I have a beginner-intermediate level.So, my question is What can I expect from the audition? What kind of things they are going to ask me? What things are a must for a beginner? As a bassist, I understand the role in metal music but in jazz, I think, the bass h...Read more

styles - Identifying jazz elements

Years ago, a friend had me listen to some jazz music (I don't really know what song.). I find it relaxing, boring, horrible and ultimately lacking the power I seek in music.Now I came across a brutal death metal band that claims to fuse jazz with brutal death metal. I found it to be completely absurd. I believe it is impossible for a very soft, melodic genre like jazz to go hand and hand with something as heavy, violent and brutal as brutal death metal.I took a listen to a song and strangely I found it to be very good. Unfortunately, I cannot f...Read more

Is there a standard set of diatonic ninth chords in jazz?

In the key of C major, making a circle of fifths, I get these chord symbols... CΔ9 - FΔ9 - Bm7♭5 - Em7♭9 - Am9 - Dm9 - G9 - CΔ9I left the vii chord as just a half-diminished seventh.I especially wonder about the iii chord. Should it be a minor flat nine?I know ii-V-I and vi-ii-V-I are jazz basic, but are other segments of the circle using IV, vii, and iii commonly used in jazz?...Read more

jazz counterpoint

Lately i've become interested in counterpoint composition within a more contemporary jazz tonality framework (20th century and beyond) for two or more voices. How would you go about accomplishing something like that? Any advice would be appreciated (extra credit for external references)....Read more

How to play jazz as dance music?

I have benen playing swedish dance music (mostly on the piano accordion).The structure of the melodies seem very important for a certain feeling. I sometimes get the impression that dances are more than jjust the rhythms.What do you think? In Swedish traditional music we often say that a tune belongs to a certain dance. We seldon take a melody and change it to another dance. This seem to be true for Irish traditional music as well.What do you say?...Read more

jazz - Arpeggio superimposing is just for Major ii-V-i and Harmonic minor?

I learned recently in a Jazz improvisation class that in a major ii-V-i (2-5-1) it's possible to superpose the arpeggios in the V using the relative harmonic minor field in the same root note as the original key, for example:ii-V-i in C major:Dm7 G7 C7MWhen the G7 is played I can throw C minor harmonic arpeggio shapes, like Dm7b5 (half-diminished), Fm7 or even Bº (diminished), that it sounds good.My question is: Is this arpeggio superimposing technique only possible in major 2-5-1 kind of harmony and changing only for harmonic minor harmonic fi...Read more

improvisation - Asking written-out full score of some standard Jazz repertoire

I find it difficult to learn Jazz improvisation (in my case for piano), partly because the written out full score are hard to find, so I may study, compare, and imitate.Many canonical pieces can be found on Youtube, but (aside from being illegal) it is harder to listen than to read music.I often take a look in local music score-selling bookstore, but have not find any.The closest I have found, in addition to real books and its alike, are rough transcriptions of solo piano of Jazz pieces.Can you recommend some transcribed full score of any stand...Read more

When using "Evans" jazz voicings what voicings should I use for half-diminished ii chord in minor and tritone substitution chords?

Below is a chart I made of the standard Evans And B forms (which I have only seen in method books using major key harmony) and my own possibilities for voicings for half-diminished and tritone substitution chords. Are my voicings OK? Are there other standard fingerings I should use?Note: in the minor key chart I used the flat sign for the 5th and 6th chord tones, but not for the 3rd and 7th where they are assumed to be minor intervals.EVANS STYLE CHORDSMajor Keys --------------------------------------------CHORD TYPE A TYPE Bii m9 3 5 ...Read more

improvisation - Do jazz musicians improvise on the parent scale in addition to the chord-scales?

I noticed that jazz musicians improvise on actual chords. This makes sense for modal jazz since the chords in the progression might not be related.But for tonal jazz, say we have a "ii-V-I" progression. I've seen videos where they improvise on each chord. so the ii7 might have a Dorian scale, the V7 may have an associated Mixolydian scale, and the I might have a Lydian scale.But what about the parent key? In pop I'm used to people improvising on the actual key. So for example if this was C-major, that's the scale they'd improvise on. Does that ...Read more

Jazz greats knew nothing of modes. Why are they used to improvise on standards?

My understanding is before 1970, few Jazz players thought about modes. For certain, Charlie Parker, Colman Hawkins, Bud Powell, Art Tatum, Monk, etc never thought in modes. Barry Harris shows how they did think*, a simpler, deeper way: more true to the form before Kind of Blue. Russell's Modes, inspired by a fellow patient in a tuberculosis ward, and now taught as the foundation for improvisation, seem to me a projection of Western Academic ideas unto African American idioms, with little understanding or respect to the ideas behind those idioms...Read more

jazz - Realistic jazzy sound with VST

I've been quite impressed with the orchestral sound of Nina Simone's "I put a spell on you". The part which interested me can be heard at first 17 seconds. So is it possible to simulate such warm and sensual sound like I described with VST? What instruments combination is used to record this? And how can I achieve at least a similar sound with DAW? I'm sorry for newbie questions :)...Read more