jaws screen reader - IE role="alert" is not read on page load

I'm adding accessibility support for my project, and recently find out JAWs doesn't read out element with role="alert" if the element is loaded with page using IE11.I have a page that submits inputs to server and receive response with error span if no data is available. The error span has role="alert" assigned. The error is read immediately after page load when using chrome, but IE seems to ignore the error. I can't set the focus to the error span because the focus need to be set to the error caused field. I'm using JAWs 2019 with IE11.For a te...Read more

JAWS doesn't read placeholder

I am using JAWS to test the code. JAWS reads the below date as "Move In Date star dd/mm/i-edit". How do I make JAWS read it as "Move In Date star dd/mm/yyyy".JAWS doesn't read "yyyy", instead it reads "i edit".<input type="text" aria-label="Move In Date * dd/mm/yyyy" id="startDate" placeholder="dd/mm/yyyy">...Read more

Make JAWS read page title programmatically when loading new content

I've inherited a project that uses a lot of click-triggered JS to change page content instead of linking to different actual HTML pages. I'm being asked to make JAWS read the page title when this happens, as if a new page is being loaded.From my observations and a bit of light testing, reading the page title (meaning the contents of the <title> tag) is standard behavior for JAWS when linking to a new, separate page (as in a foo.html file), but not what happens when a same-page link or button is clicked.How can I cause JAWS to read a page'...Read more

Jaws 17 and startup keyboard shortcut

I've a friend who need use a screen reader. He uses Jaws 17 and Jaws 16.He puts a startup shortcut Ctrl+Alt+K for Jaws 16 (I don't see it on shortcut on the desktop... don't know where he does it) And He puts Ctrl + Alt + J for Jaws 17. This I can see it on property of shortcut. Ctrl+Alt+K run very goog but not Ctrl+Alt+J. I try tu put another letter, W or Z, but same problem. You can double click on shortCut, Jaws 17 start, but not with shortcut keyboard.Someone have an idea, what difference between double click and uses shortcut keybord?I for...Read more