configuring Java 9 in JNLP

The docs say I can configure the Java 9 platform in JNLP like this:<j2se version="9" ... />However if I do so and try to run it using Java 9.0.4 I get a warning saying the requested Java version (9) is not installed. My code: <j2se version="9" java-vm-args="-Xmx1g" href=""/>If I do this instead, there is no such popup:<j2se version="9.*" ... />But I cannot find such a "*" wildcard in the specs. What is going on?...Read more

How to disallow a certain Java version in JNLP?

Sometimes there are serious regression bugs in Java which make our product unusable. So I would like to disallow the associated version, e.g. currently 8u161 and 8u162 (bug JDK-8195830).How can I do so in JNLP? The docs only mention + as a wildcard. So is the only possible way to list all other Java versions instead? like<java version="1.8.0_05"/><java version="1.8.0_11"/>... until ...<java version="1.8.0_151"/><java version="1.8.0_152"/>?Update: So the result looks like this.<java version="1.8.0_172+ 1.8.0_152 1.8.0_...Read more

No show anymore message of publisher Java Web Start

I have developed an application via Java Web Start more or less according to this: How do I fix "missing Codebase, Permissions, and Application-Name manifest attribute" in my JNLP app? I have packed the jar with manifest.txt, etc..but in this way I have resolved missing attributes problem, and now I have other problem this message is always showed!! I checked "No show again" and each time I press button to execute and always is showed!! I Adicionally this is my manifest file:Manifest-Version: 1.0Class-Path: .Main-Class: com.zkteco.b...Read more

jnlp - Java Webstart with Tibco Native Libs

I am trying to deploy an application that uses the native implementation of Tibrv through the TibrvJ library using Java Webstart.I have packaged up all of the Windows dlls from inside c:\tibco\tibrv\bin into a Jar file and have added these to the nativelib element in the JNLP file. I was hoping that webstart would take the dll files from thetibco-7.5.1-nativelibs.jar file and allow them to be loaded via System.loadLibrary which is called from However it doesn't seem to want to work properly.My JNLP file looks like this:<?xml v...Read more

x509certificate - Where does Java webstart expect the OCSP responder URI?

Since Java 1.7.0_51 Java webstart refuses to run applications that are not signed by a trusted authority. Now we have our application signed by a certificate that itself is signed by a trusted CA.However we still get the warning that the revocation status of the certificate can't be checked.It seems to me that the certificate doesn't specify the OCSP responder URI.But where must this OCSP responder URI be specified? In the certificate used for signing the application? In the CA certificate that issued our certificate? In both?...Read more

browsers do not offer Java Web Start for .jnlp

Since recently I get support cases where the browser (Firefox, IE11) does not offer Java Web Start for .jnlp files – even after fresh Java installations. The users have to search for javaws.exe on their own.Did anything change? Maybe with Java 9? We currently recommend Java 9 as we had some trouble with a bug in latest Java 8 (Update 161/162). Does the Java 9 installer no longer associate JNLP with Java Web Start? Maybe having to do with that deprecation? (I was shocked about it, by the way. No idea how we can distribute our many different clie...Read more

jnlp - Malformed \uxxxx encoding with Java Web Start and apache.commons-logging

I'm trying to migrate a Java applet to Java Web Start. Therefore, I call the applet with the following jnlp-file:<?xml version="1.0"?><jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="http://localhost:7001/codebase/"> <information> <title>title</title> <vendor>vendor</vendor> </information> <resources> <java version="1.7"/> <jar href="myapplet.jar"/> <extension name="dependencies" href="Dependencies.jnlp"/> </resources> <applet-desc main...Read more

Detecting availability of 32bit vs 64bit JRE in Java Web Start

Our application ideally runs with a 2GB heap, but can run slower with a 1GB heap if the user only has a 32bit JRE (1GB being the maximum this supports).Currently, we use the browser's user-agent field to detect if the browser is 64bit, and if so we generate the JNLP on the fly to specify a max heap of 2GB. 32bit browsers get MaxHeap=1GB, and accordingly our application doesn't perform as well.We have realised that we have an issue because detecting a 64bit OS and browser does not mean the user necessarily has a 64bit JRE installed. The 32bit JV...Read more

web services - How to load TrustStore file from jar?

I'm consuming a web service secured with username authentification with symmetric keys via a java-web-start client. The problem is that my TrustStore is hard coded in the WSIT file, so authenfication fails with FileNotFoundException. <wsp:All> <sc:CallbackHandlerConfiguration wspp:visibility="private"> <sc:CallbackHandler default="h" name="usernameHandler"/> <sc:CallbackHandler default="kiko" name="passwordHandler"/> </sc:CallbackHandlerConfiguration> <sc:TrustStore wspp...Read more

oracleforms - How to do Oracle Forms and JavaScript Integration for Java Web Start

Oracle Forms 12C has given little pointers for this at have downloaded the Jetty jar and added to the jnlp files so that it could be downloaded to clients PC, however calling java script via WEB.JAVASCRIPT_EVAL_FUNCTION() gives me FRM-41848 JavaScript Execution is disabled during webstart session.Any Help/Suggestion?...Read more

java web start - Signing JNLP file with dynamic arguments

I am signing a JNLP file having APPLICATION.JNLP in jar file under folder JNLP-INF. My APPLICATION.JNLP placed in the jar looks as shown below<jnlp spec="1.0" codebase=""><information> <title>XYZ</title> <vendor>XYZ</vendor> <description>XYZ</description></information><security> <all-permissions/></security><resources> <j2se version="1.6+" /> <jar href="abc.jar" /></resources><application-desc main...Read more

java web start - Passing truststore to javaws as command line argument

We have a java webstart application which is hosted a web server. The signer of the SSL certificate in the web server is not in the cacerts of the JRE, by default. Thus when we runjavaws https://blablah/our.jnlpwe get a Security Warning dialog saying the connection the website is untrusted. Is it possible to pass a custom truststore that contains the singer certificate to the javaws process? to avoid the warning? I was hoping following would workjavaws<path_to_custom_trusstore> https://blablah/our.jnlpwhere ...Read more

java web start - why do I get UnsupportedClassVersionError in jnlp?

I get an UnsupportedClassVersionError thrown when launching jnlp, however when I try to run the relevant jar files from command line everything works fine. I tried setting j2se versions to 1.5+, 1.6+, using signed/unsigned jar files, but all that doesn't help.I'm trying to launch my own jar file with two supporting jar files (mysql-connector.jar and swingx.jar). My jar file has been compiled with 1.6 compliance settings in Eclipse and built into a jar with ant. Since I can launch the 3 jars from command line using java 1.6 I'm a bit baffled tha...Read more