Issue tracking with automatically generated issues

In my company we are now looking to start using an issue tracker. So far we've been using our task management system for issue tracking, and now we need something more advanced.We found out that we have lots (1000s) of small issues that we can automatically generate, and we want to handle them based on a prioritized queue. Such small issues are usually content issues. Sometimes issues are outright errors that come up, and we want to prioritize these based on how critical the error is and how many users encountered it.Another feature we are look...Read more

Is your issue tracker behind the firewall?

I'm thinking of making a web service that can file bugs on issue trackers through (mainly) xml-rpc. But I'd like to get a sense whether issue trackers nowadays tend to be available behind the firewall or on the internet...The target for this web service would be companies that build websites.So is your issue tracker (jira, bugzilla, trac etc) behind the firewall? (as opposed to being accessible on the internet)Thanks!...Read more

Issue tracking applications that subdivide issues into (sub)tasks?

I am looking for an issue tracking application, which has two levels in its task hierarchy. This is because I find myself very often creating informal "TODO" lists within my issues. It seems to me that a FEATURE is usually bigger than a TASK - one feature usually requires several things to be done - e.g. "check if this sth will affect efficiency", "add the control in the GUI", "implement new extension to the core engine", "update documentation". Without stating all these sub-task, I find it impossible to estimate the time needed and the real co...Read more

How do I send Issues into BitBucket by email?

I Love BitBucket.orgBut is there a way to configure BitBucket to accept email and automatically put them into my 'New' Issue list in the issue tracker?BitBucket sends out email notifications, but I want something the other way around. I don't want to have to go in and create an issue manually each time someone emails me about a problem. I want to forward those emails to Bitbucket so problems to go directly into the issue tracker via E-Mail.And: Similarly, can you configure Bitbucket so that it listens for code check-ins and it auto-magically se...Read more

Issue tracker for web agency workflow

We're looking into implementing an issue tracker for our web agency. The problem is that most issue trackers seem to revolve around the assumption that an issue is a bug, whereas in a web agency environment, a lot of the issues (request, or whatever you want to call them) are about changes and additions to a current web site.It also seems to me that a lot of issue trackers assume that you're working on one main software project, and uses that project as the focus of the tracker. A good issue tracker for a web agency would be one which puts each...Read more

issue tracking - Developer workload management software: recommendations?

In my place, we use two issue tracking tools, one for production bugs, and another for issues on projects in development. These tools are good for managers. However, at an individual level, other work can also arrive through desk visits, email, or the phone, and those allocating the work aren't always interested in issue tracking systems. I've recently rolled off an 18-month project where I got into a cycle of overtime, and I found that I didn't always have good visibility of all work assigned to me. As a result, I was always very busy, and fel...Read more

issue tracking - Filtering CustomFilter values on YouTrack

I'm currently customizing YouTrack to adapt some processes of a company.It's possible to filter, by Workflow or rest API, custom fields bundle values based on some criteria? (ex.: by value name, description or colorIndex). The idea here is to basically chain project/issue fields in a way that the second field hide values that are not of the first field concern.Thanks in advance....Read more

issue tracking - Creating a custom type on Youtrack

There are several types on Youtrack like ownedField[1], group[1] etc..Is it possible to create a custom type which has custom fields like in ownedField has a Owned field linked to users?We want to do it to apply a similar behavior to ownedField, where, when you select a Subsystem field (of type OwnedField), it "automatically" filled the issue's field Assignee with the user associated with that subsystem....Read more

issue tracking - Informing Users of Outstanding Bugs

What is the best way to inform users that there has been a bug found in some software they used?For example, let's say a user finds a bug in some software and reports it to the development team who decide that fixing this bug will be done in an upcoming release (rather than a one off patch) due to it being low risk (very rarely happens and has minimal, although some negative impact)What is the best way to inform other users who may be affected by the same bug that we know of a bug and offer them a workaround?We would like to be pro-active in no...Read more

SharePoint Issue Tracker - How To Edit The New Form/Screen

In an effort to convince management to use SharePoint for tracking Customer Service issues, I've created a project using the Issue Tracker. So far, everything seems to be going well and I may sell them on this.One thing I did notice is that the NEW Entry Form/Screen doesn't seem to match up with the data I need. If I go to QUICK EDIT, it shows only the columns I want but this NEW form shows data fields I do not need. Just trying to locate the screen where I can edit this. Thanks......Read more

I am missing the Issue tracking list, do I need to activate some feature?

I am using sp2013. I have created a new website and selected the projecttemplate. When I go to site content I miss some OOTB lists: Issue Tracking LinksDo I need to activate some features which are generate this lists? When I click on "Add an app" I can create by my self a new links or issue tracking list. But I was expecting OOTB these lists are created.Like you see below, the feature is already activated.I hope you understand my question. Because when I click on add new app it is possible to add these lists. But I was expecting them OOTB ...Read more