is is - What happened if I set up multiple links between an IS to other IS?

I don't have machines to test this yet. But I would like to ask what would happened if I set up multiple links between an IS to other IS?Something like this one: -- --Link 1-- ----- |R1| --Link 2-- |R2| --- -- --Link 3-- --All links are point-to-point. Will I see three adjacencies on them? Or they'd just pick one and only that one will be active?I have tried this on OSPF, it seems OSPF could learn multiple adjacencies link to same router. I'm not sure if ISIS is capable to do so....Read more

is is - Understanding route metric 0

I have the below output from an IOS-XR box:RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:RTR1#show route Mar 27 13:34:52.553 ISTRouting entry for Known via "isis IGP", distance 115, metric 261, type level-2 Installed Mar 27 01:21:50.992 for 12:13:01 Routing Descriptor Blocks, from, via TenGigE0/0/0/1, Backup Route metric is 0, from, via Bundle-Ether7, Protected Route metric is 261 No advertising protos.Q1:what is the meaning of 'Route metric is 0' in the above output?Q2: Is ...Read more

is is - ISIS Max metric

I need to confirm the below as i don't have access to a lab.I have 4 XR boxes connected linearly as shown.Router A is advertsing PC subnet in isis.My understanding:So when the subnet of PC A reaches the Router D, the overall metricshould be asCost of PC A to Router A link + 16777214(A-B link cost) + 16777214(B-C link cost) +16777214 (C-D link cost)But the max metric in isis is 16777214, so will the final route get installed or not? If so, with what metric?With what metric will Router D learn the subnet of PC connected to Router A?...Read more